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(I never actually thanked her for what she did that day...for crying on my behalf... And...I swore to myself, as soon as I realized we were trapped here... ...that I'd protect her, no matter what happens. This must be a see if I really meant that 'no matter what happens' part!)

—Yoshiki Kishinuma, Corpse Party (CHAPTER 2)

Yoshiki Kishinuma

岸沼 良樹
(きしぬま よしき)


Kishinuma Yoshiki


Knight (ナイト Naito /
ナイトくん Naito-kun)


17 (CP)
22 (CP2)




5' 8" (172 cm)


136 lb (62.1 kg)

Birth Date

November 8 (Scorpio)

Blood Type

A type


Kisaragi Academy Senior High


High School Student and a Part-timer at a convenience store (CP)





Cause of Death

Body crushed by the arms of Yoshikazu Yanagihori in a hug until bled out.
(Live Action Movie only)


Practicing instruments


People who don't have a backbone


Listening to music

Future Dream

Looking into it


Isao (Father)
Ayako (Mother)
Miki (Younger Sister)

Voices & Actors

Sora (BC1-3)
Fuyuhiko Yoshida (BC4-5)

PSP and/or iOS VA

Yūichi Nakamura


Yūichi Nakamura

Drama CD VA

Yūichi Nakamura

Vita VA

Yūichi Nakamura


Yūichi Nakamura



Yoshiki Kishinuma (岸沼 良樹 Kishinuma Yoshiki?) is a character introduced in CORPSE-PARTY and a major recurring character of the Corpse Party series.

He is a student of Kisaragi Academy Senior High School's classroom 2-9 and one of the five original survivors of Heavenly Host.


In CORPSE-PARTY, his hair is black.

In CORPSE PARTY -Rebuilt-, he is seen wearing a white short-sleeved shirt, as well as a black one under it, along with dark green pants and brown shoes. His eyes are red with a slightly visible hue of dark pink and, as mentioned before, he has short black hair.

From Corpse Party onwards, Yoshiki is a teenage boy of average build and height with gray eyes and short, bleached, somewhat-spiky hair.

He wears the standard Kisaragi Academy Senior High male uniform consisting of a dark gray gakuran fully unbuttoned, white shirt untucked and partly opened, red shirt, light gray socks and white uwabaki slippers with blue stripes near the soles. His student ID is pinned on the left side of his shirt.

In Corpseparty; Musume, he has black hair and glasses.

In Corpse Party: Missing Footage, he is seen wearing a simple black shirt, dark green pants, and brown shoes.

In Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient, his previously bleached hair is now its natural black color, and he wears a white shirt with a black blazer.


In CORPSE-PARTY, Yoshiki is an uncaring, rebellious boy with little to no care of anyone other than Ayumi.

In Corpse Party, giving off the aura of a delinquent, Yoshiki faces difficulty in school due to issues at home. Being disowned by his parents, he rents a cheap apartment and works part-time to support himself. At one point, Yoshiki considers getting himself expelled from Kisaragi Academy, since he could not find a reason to continue attending if he didn't have an interest. However, Ayumi Shinozaki changes Yoshiki's mind on the matter after standing up for him against their P.E. teacher, Mikio Tsubota. Carrying over from his attitude at school, Yoshiki is prone to outbursts of frustration when faced with difficult situations. Though he often means well, his actions can appear cold or even selfish to those around him.

In Corpseparty; Musume, Yoshiki's overall character is perverted, as he has a sexual fetish for Ayumi as seen by the multiple times that he tries to grab Ayumi's posterior. In addition, he is unkind and uncaring to any of the other characters, as mentioned when he returns to Heavenly Host solely for Ayumi and mentions that he doesn't really care what happens to the other characters.



Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for CORPSE-PARTY and CORPSE PARTY -Rebuilt- follow

Yoshiki is a playable character. As the buffer of the group, his skills increase the attributes of his friends and decrease the attributes of his enemies.

1 30 70 30 10
30 10 70 46 2
Enhance Strength: Increases an ally's power by 10.
Enhance Defense: Increases an ally's protection by 10.
Enhance Agility: Increases an ally's speed by 10.
Impede Strength: Decreases an enemy's power by 10.
Impede Defense: Decreases an enemy's protection by 10.
Impede Agility: Decreases an enemy's speed by 10.

Corpse Party

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party (PC), Corpse Party (PSP, iOS), and Corpse Party (3DS) follow


Yoshiki, along with several other classmates and their teacher, stayed after school one night after the Kisaragi Academy's culture festival and listened to Ayumi tell ghost stories. Before they left for the night, Ayumi chose to perform a charm for their friend, Mayu Suzumoto, as she was transferring. Yoshiki joined in along with the rest of the people present, and completed the ritual. A short while afterward, an earthquake caused a massive hole to engulf the classroom, and everyone fell in.


When Yoshiki awoke, he found himself in Heavenly Host Elementary School, which was the school his friend Ayumi Shinozaki mentioned in one of her ghost stories. With him were Ayumi, and their teacher, Yui Shishido. They remained in the classroom they awoke in for a while, until Yui ventured out in search of the voice of Naomi Nakashima, which they had heard, and Yoshiki stayed with a hyperventilating Ayumi. Not long after Yui left, Ayumi decided they had to go out and search for her, sensing that something bad had happened. Reluctantly, Yoshiki agreed, and left a note on the desk in case Yui returned.

They headed down to the first floor. As the entrance to the school is completely sealed, they head north, where they come across several corpses in the middle of the hall, which cause Ayumi to panic once more. Yoshiki calms her down, and they continue on to a classroom. Upon entering, Yoshiki notices that something's amiss, as the class is simply a long hall. Ayumi falls once more, and feels like they shouldn't remain in the room long. At the end of the classroom, a ghost sits, staring blankly at the wall ahead of it. Ayumi tells Yoshiki not to look directly at it, and he heeds her warning. There seems to be some kind of pulley, but as the floor has been destroyed around it, he obtains the Nail Puller from the table and exits the room. He remembers the nailed up back door in classroom 1-A and decides to go back with Ayumi.

On the way back, while passing the corpses, Ayumi comes to a halt. Yoshiki asks her what's up, but she ignores him, makes a distorted yell and charges at him. She pushes Yoshiki to the ground, and rushes to the entranceway. Yoshiki goes to check on her, and she begins to spout nonsense before falling to her knees. When he attempts to talk to her, she acts like she has no memory of what just happened. He assumes it must just be her nerves, and doesn't question her anymore about it. As they leave the room, they run into Ryou, who seems to have left the classroom. Panicked, they run back into the entranceway, but as the main door is still locked, they have to go back through the hall. Oddly, the ghost doesn't chase them into the entranceway, and as they return to the hall, he moves back, giving the two some breathing room. They evade the boy, and continue on to classroom 1-A.

In the back room of the class, they find a pulley system, which works with thin, fine threads. Yoshiki pulls the lever, returns to the first floor, and re-enters to the classroom where they found the nail puller. The floor to this pulley has somehow repaired itself, so they use it as well. As they exit, they barely escape the clutches of Ryou, and continue on to the east side, as the floor has repaired itself. The two inspect the infirmary on the second floor, though they find nothing of use. As the science lab is locked, they go up to the third floor, where the lavatories are located.

Yoshiki witnessing a possessed Ayumi in the mirror.

While in the boys' lavatory, Yoshiki glances at one of the mirrors. In the mirror, Ayumi is standing next to him, staring crazily at the ground with a large grin on her face. Within a moment, she returns to normal. Yoshiki looks around the bathroom, searching every possible spot, including the stall at the end. When he opens this stall a voice yells, "SHUT THE GODDAMNED DOOR!!" Startled, he backs away, and thinks it would be wise to search elsewhere, so they head to the girls' side.

In the girls' lavatory, Ayumi spots something on the ground. Yoshiki approaches to inspect it, and it seems like a stain in the shape of a person. Ayumi seems to be able to hear the voice of the person that the stain represents, and starts to break down, hearing the voice of Naomi crying out to Seiko Shinohara. She flees the room, and Yoshiki runs to her aid. As he tries to talk to her, she reverts to the state she was in when she ran to the entranceway earlier, and, like before, begins spouting nonsense. For a brief moment, she regains her senses, but quickly gets taken over again and punches Yoshiki. Unable to do anything to help her, he leaves her alone for a bit.

After speaking with a spirit about how she's been possessed, he turns back to the girls' lavatory. He inspects the stalls, and finds that the one ahead of the stain on the floor is completely black. As he attempts to leave, he begins to remember a time in school. The memory was the first time he met Ayumi. As he was smoking, the P.E. teacher, Mikio, walked in on him. Mikio taunted Yoshiki, asking him why he doesn't just drop out. Yoshiki thinks that this might be a good idea, and decides to drop out, but only after hitting Mikio. Before he can strike, Ayumi enters the room, she tells Mikio that he's needed, and he leaves. Ayumi scolds Yoshiki, somehow knowing what he was about to do, telling him to just stick with school until they graduate. They introduce themselves, and the screen returns to the present time.

Yoshiki notes how he never thanked Ayumi for helping him out that one time, as well as that he swore to protect her for as long as they were trapped in this school. While thinking this, Ayumi storms in and says more gibberish. Yoshiki embraces her, and she finally snaps out of it. She gets spooked by the fact that she's suddenly in his arms, and pushes him to the ground. After a brief exchange, they go out into the hall. They chat for a bit, and Ayumi states that all the corpses they've found have been from different schools, but knows that the stain in the bathroom was from someone they all knew. They then decide to return to classroom 1-A and see if anyone was there.

As they were walking, they spotted a ghost enter the infirmary, and heard giggling and chatting within. Letting curiosity get the better of them, they go in after it. As they walked in the door, they saw their classmate, Mayu, sitting with two ghosts and chatting with them. Ayumi and Yoshiki try to get her away from the ghosts, but she doesn't listen, and gives them a newspaper article explaining the deaths of several children. They notice that the faces of the children in the pictures are the same as those of the ghosts. Mayu refuses to leave the ghosts, and after the two keep telling her to come with them, the spirits lift her into the air. Unable to do anything, they leave the room.

In the hall, they voice their opinions on the situation, and how helpless they are. While they talked, the voice of a girl appeared behind them. The girl states that she's the spirit of a girl who came to the school, and Ayumi asks her if her name is Naho Saenoki. She says it is, and Ayumi begins to fawn over her. Eventually they're reminded that Mayu is still in the infirmary, and Naho explains that the only way to calm the spirits is to weaken the hold of the school, and the only way to free their friend is to get the murderer to express his remorse. Yoshiki has no idea how they would manage that, but as that's the best clue they have, they go out and search for something to help out. After exploring the school for a while, they come across two pieces of a doll. The doll expresses its apology for murdering the children, and the two assume that the doll belonged to the murderer.

Yoshiki, unaware of his impending fate.

Now that they have what they need, they return to the infirmary and let the spirits listen to what the doll had to say. For a bit it seemed like it would work, but then the ghosts suddenly charged out of the room with Mayu. Unable to do anything, they listened as Mayu screamed in agony. Her screams grew more distant, until a loud thud silenced everything. Ayumi threw the doll to the floor and left the room, with Yoshiki following soon after. He went up the hall to where he heard the smash, and found Ayumi staring at a bloodied mess on the wall, which were the remains of Mayu. Once again, Ayumi starts to panic. Yoshiki tries to calm her down, but she yells at him and runs off. Before he could give chase, he is struck from behind by a hammer and dragged away.


He is seen again if Satoshi Mochida chooses to rest with Yuka Mochida. He seems to be in a small room, and becomes surrounded by three of the ghost spirits. He asks where Ayumi is, but they simply laugh at him. Moments later, the three ghosts vanish, and footsteps can be heard, along with the sound of something being dragged along the floor. Yoshiki is unable to stand up, as the hammer wielding assailant approaches him. The man lifts the hammer to strike the final blow, as the screen fades to black.


At some point, he was apparently saved, or he escaped. He has no memory of how this happened, but he reunites with Ayumi as she's talking with Naho. He's bleeding from his forehead, and explains to Ayumi the events written above. Naho begins to tell them that appeasing them SHOULD have worked, and reveals that the man with the hammer is their murderer. She also explains that they should attempt to calm him, as the doll belonged to him when he was alive, according to her mentor. Yoshiki asks who her mentor is, but she becomes enraged and causes the entire building to shake violently. Eventually she "calms down" and leaves them. Yoshiki is skeptical as to whether they should trust her, as she seems rather unstable. But, like before, it's the best lead they've got, so they try.

After patching up Yoshiki's forehead, they head to the first floor, as the doll was apparently weeping when Ayumi was down there. Once they make it down, the doll tells them some directions, but to understand them, you need an understanding of the Chinese zodiac, which can be explained to by examining the cabinet in classroom 2-A. By following the instructions of the doll, they find a blood covered bag hidden under the floorboards. Yoshiki manages to pull it out, and they inspect the contents. Inside was a human tongue, with a name attached to it, "Ryou Yoshizawa." The doll tells them to return it, so they go to the infirmary, where Ayumi previously saw the ghost of the boy.

They try to give it back to the ghost, but he doesn't move an inch. The only way to get his attention is to go directly in front of him. Yoshiki musters up the courage to do so, and is instantly paralyzed. Ayumi calls the name of the ghost, and he seems to react to it. When she offers the tongue, the ghost takes it, and seemingly places it back within his own mouth. He thanks the two, and causes a large earthquake, before disappearing. Yoshiki is now freed from the grip of the ghost and can move again, as he tells Ayumi how impressed he is for what she did. Ayumi isn't happy that she had to do that, though, and complains. Yoshiki tells her to blow her nose and continue on, so she does, but on his shirt, and they resume the search for the other tongues.

They have no leads on where to look next, so they simply wander around for a while until they enter the entranceway. Upon walking in, the doll begins to weep once more, and tells them another puzzle. After solving this, they receive the Winder. Remembering that the pulley in the room behind classroom 1-A could move down another notch, and had a small keyhole, so they go there. After forcing the lever, they head back down to the first floor, and see that the wall to the left has opened up somehow. Inside it seems to be a shower area, and several ghosts begin speaking to them from unknown sources. Somehow, this affects Ayumi and her nose starts bleeding. Yoshiki is relieved that it's only that, but hopes that a blood vessel in her brain didn't burst, and he gives her some tissues to stop the bleeding.

The pool.

They go out the door to the south-west of the room, and find themselves at an outdoor pool. Ayumi starts acting up again, so Yoshiki chooses to take the doll and let her rest in the locker room. Reluctantly she heads back in, and Yoshiki is left to search the pool alone. At the other end of the pool is a pump room, but it's locked. Since that was the only thing he could find, he starts to go back to the locker room, a key stuck in a crack on the ground, which he didn't notice before, catches his eye. As he pulls it out he hears a ghostly voice, followed by a splash. He thinks it might be Ayumi, but isn't sure, so he goes to the locker room to check on her, but she isn't there. The only thing he can think to do, is jump into the pool and get her out. He finds her under the murky waters and brings her back to the locker room.

He's glad that she has a pulse, but she isn't moving. He gives her mouth to mouth, and she eventually begins to cough up some of the water. Yoshiki is relieved, and asks her why she would do something like that. Ayumi says that she heard him call her, even though he did no such thing. He assumed it was the doing of the ghosts, and guesses that there must be something in the pool if they tried so hard to stop them. Ayumi begins complaining about something stuck in her tooth, so Yoshiki asks if the showers work, but there's no luck. She starts crying, so Yoshiki takes her outside to try and use the rainwater to rinse her mouth out. This works out surprisingly well, so they go together towards the pump room.

The room is completely dark, but they manage to feel their way around. They find a socket, that seems like something could fit into it, but as they have nothing to use in it, they look around more. On the north wall they come across a valve labeled "drainage," and turn it. After the sound of gushing water passes, they head back outside, and the pool is now completely empty. Using a ladder, they head down, and find several bodies scattered about. After reading a note, they find a Rusted Valve Wheel in one of the grates.

Returning to the pump room, they replace the valve wheel in the empty slot they found before. Yoshiki turns it as much as it can go, but it can't go the entire way, due to the extreme rust. They return outside, and go back into the pool and inspect the area around the spigot. In a small puddle, they find another tongue, with the name "Tokiko Tsuji" written on it. Now that they have what they need, they leave the pool area, and head back to the first floor. With no knowledge of this ghosts location, they simply wander about until finding her. Instead of just Tokiko, however, they come across the other, eyeless ghost, as well. They don't know which one to give the tongue to, so they retread back towards the infirmary.

In the stairwell, the doll begins to speak once more. It tells them to search the floorboards where Mayu was splattered. Both of them refuse to even go near that area, and doubt that they could ever recover the tongue. Moments later, Sakutaro Morishige enters, and is glad to see both Yoshiki and Ayumi are safe. After a short explanation for what happened to him, Ayumi notices something in his hand. Yoshiki sees it too, and it appears to be a blood soaked pouch, which Sakutaro explains he found just up the stairs. He states he has no need for "charms," and gives it to Yoshiki, before leaving. The tongue bag, like the previous two, has a name tag on it with the name "Yuki Kanno" on it.

Now, having the tongues for each of the ghosts, they go back to where they encountered them earlier. They get surrounded by the two spirits, but manage to return both their tongues. Yuki thanks them, and vanishes along with Tokiko. Yoshiki, happy about cleansing them, points out that the only one left is the girl in red, but Ayumi doesn't want to do it any more. She hates having to talk to them, so Yoshiki tells her that next time, he'll do the talking. At that time, a massive earthquake shakes the building, and they both pass out.

Some time later, Yoshiki awoke. He found himself in what seemed to be their classroom in Kisaragi Academy. He went over and woke up Ayumi, who had returned with him, and together they reveled in the fact that they were back in the real world. He goes out to explore the halls, trying to find anyone who may still be there, but finds nobody. He begins to wonder whether or not it could have all just been a dream, before hearing Ayumi scream back in the classroom.

He rushes back, and finds that the corner of the classroom is being engulfed by some sort of shadowy apparition. From this, the spirit of Yuki walks out, and begins to tell them of the day of her kidnapping by Yoshikazu, and starts to sob. She apologizes for what she had done in the school, and thanks them for cleansing her and the others. Yoshiki wonders why she's still here, if they were all put to rest, and she explains that they still need repentance from the one who did kill them. She tells them that the doll wasn't enough, and Yoshiki yells at her, asking why the spirits bring innocents into Heavenly Host. Yuki says that they're not the ones who did it, that they're just those that hold the closed spaces together.

Yoshiki doesn't care, and continues yelling, but Ayumi stops him. Yuki is happy that she managed to get both of them out of the school, yet Yoshiki still doesn't trust her. Ayumi tries to explain why the spirits acted the way they did, and he gains some understanding. She then asks Yuki to get the others back to the real world as well, but she says she can't, as her mind would begin to revert to the way it was before being cleansed. They still want to get the rest of their friends out, though, and Yuki tells them that the only way to do so would be to return to the school, and put all four of the spirits to rest, which would cause the closed spaces to break down.

Yoshiki doesn't like the idea of returning, especially now that they have to appease all four, including the three they had already done. Ayumi wants to know why Yuki doesn't just tell them the reason their previous efforts didn't work. Yuki takes Ayumi's hand, and she starts panicking.


Moments later, Ayumi begins to freak out, and Yoshiki attempts to calm her, but she hits him. She eventually starts crying, and he comforts her. Ayumi reveals that Yuki showed her the moments of her death, and the true identity of the killer. Yoshiki doesn't take kindly to Yuki having put her through that, and yells at her. Ayumi stops him, and reveals who the true murderer is, the girl in the red dress, Sachiko Shinozaki. Yoshiki has trouble believing this, but is told that he was just an accomplice.

Ayumi tells him the man with the hammer was simply in the corner of the room, quaking in fear as everything happened, and that now they need to go back to the school, to warn everyone of the true killer. Reluctantly, he agrees, and they both return to the school.

Upon re-entry, Yuki appears before them once more and wishes them luck. She gives them a Marble Statue, and says to give it to Satoshi, as well as a red one if they come across it. Before she leaves, she warns them to run the next time they see her. They realize that the school is now completely different than it was before, and decide to go to the first floor.

Yoshiki asks Ayumi about the stain on her rear, with her getting angry at him for pointing it out. She goes ahead, and he waits in the hall for a moment. She seems to be taking her time, so he decided to go see what she's up to. Ayumi tells him she just found Naomi's Student ID, which must mean that her, and possibly the others are nearby. After some searching, they come across both Naomi and Satoshi. They're across a gap, so they can't get to each other, but they explain the deaths of Mayu and Seiko to each other. Before they part ways, Yoshiki gives them the Marble Statue, and Ayumi tells Naomi not to get too close to Satoshi.

Ayumi is troubled by what she said, so Yoshiki comforts her before moving on. In the entranceway, they find Naho's Notebook. They find several more pages on the second floor, and then more that they seem to have passed before on the first floor. Back on the second floor, the floor seems to have repaired itself (due to Satoshi's group), and they cross. A splash of blood appears on a window, and upon inspecting it, the spirit of Sachiko enters the door beside them, and they follow. The room appears to be a science class, and there's a large, human-like figure with a tarp over it near the doorway. Yoshiki decided to inspect it, to make sure it's not something dangerous, but all it seems to be is an anatomical model.

Further in the room, they find another set of notes for Naho's notebook, but nothing else, so they begin to leave. As they head towards the doorway, Yoshiki notices that the anatomical model has moved. Ayumi thinks he's just trying to scare her, and pushes him over, but as she's yelling at him, the model runs behind her and tries to grab her neck. Yoshiki pulls her back, and they try to escape. At some point, it seems Yoshikazu also entered the room, but they manage to find a key, and escape.

Back in classroom 1-A they find one more set of notes, but there's nothing written on them. The words magically start appearing on the pages, revealing her death. In the third floor reference room, they run into Naho herself, and explain to her that Sachiko is the murderer. After the explanation, Naho attempts to leave, but Ayumi stops her. She brings up the moment of Naho's death, that she killed the man she came to the school to find, and shows her the notebook. This causes the darkening to release its hold on her, and she vanishes, leaving behind only her name tag, and a Baby Statue.

They meet up with Satoshi, Naomi, and Yuka who've made it up to the third floor and learned of Sakutaro's death. They hand the Baby Statue and Naomi's student ID to them, and Ayumi reads some of Naho's notes, as the blood has cleared up. It reveals that appeasing Sachiko is the only way out of the school that simply performing the charm in reverse will not have the desired effect.

They head south, and come to a strange room. The room has two sides, one of which has some sort of Pentagram etched into the floor. Ayumi tells Yoshiki to move ahead so she can inspect the room further, and just as he leaves, the door locks. Moments later, an earthquake starts, but Yoshiki is eventually able to break down the door. Inside the room, he sees that the floor has gave way to a giant hole, and that Ms. Yui is hanging onto the edge. He tries to help Ayumi pull her up, but is told to simply leave her and go, so he takes Ayumi and escapes the room.

In the hall, Ayumi breaks down, and doesn't want to bother going any further, but recovers when Yoshiki tells her not to make Yui's sacrifice go in vain. Near the end of the hall, they see the Principal crawl into an Incinerator, and decide to inspect it. Near the entrance to it, they find a Yellow Ribbon, the same kind that was on Sachiko's dress when she was killed. Further in, they notice Sachiko herself squatting inside, who spins before venturing off deeper into the machine. Yoshiki notes that they could manage to crawl through it, and that there's a small amount of light fairly far in. Ayumi protests, but as they have nowhere else to go, they head in. Around halfway through, they begin to hear Sachiko telling them to turn back, but press on. Eventually, they fall into a chute.

Somehow, he went down a different chute than Ayumi, but they managed to land in the same room, the waste disposal room. Upon leaving, they run into Satoshi and Yuka. Satoshi tells them that Naomi chased Yoshikazu, as he was taking Seiko's body somewhere, and they lost track of her. Yoshiki and Ayumi tell them of Yui's death, and they then continue on. In the next room, they run into Yuki, who still has control of her mind for the time being, who warns Ayumi that the Darkening is beginning to take hold of her. They then continue on to the final room.

The room is extremely dark, and they see Sachiko's corpse at the end it, along with all three of the murdered child spirits surrounding them. Satoshi tries to start appeasing her, but she refuses to listen, and starts an earthquake. She then appears, paralyzing the entire group, and proceeds to assault Yuka with a pair of scissors. Yoshiki yells for her to stop, and Satoshi begins the appeasing. He succeeds, which gives everyone back control of their own bodies, and Naomi rejoins them. The group then successfully chant the ritual the correct number of times, and Sachiko's corpse vanishes.

Yuki reappears, and tells them that now is the only chance they will ever have of escaping, and they must proceed outside the school. They all manage to get outside, and are returned to Kisaragi Academy. The joy they felt for being in their own dimension again faded quickly as they remembered that they lost several friends. They all went home for the night, and returned to school the next day. When they returned, they found that nobody in the class other than them remembers those who had died, as they had simply been erased from existence.


Yoshiki walks into the classroom with the class's day duty roster while Ayumi and Yui are having a conversation. Ayumi is annoyed because they were "getting to the good part of their conversation," and Yoshiki asks why Ayumi is there. Ayumi becomes annoyed and tells him that she is talking to Yui. Yoshiki comments that they seem to be "having a blast," and Ayumi tells him to get out as the conversation is between girls. Yoshiki then puts the duty roster down on the nearest desk and leaves the room. Yui then reminds Ayumi that she is on day roster with Yoshiki, however Ayumi has forgotten about it. Yui comments that he's a good boy, which confuses Ayumi at who's the person Yui is referring to, and Yui giggles at Ayumi's response.


Yoshiki and Satoshi reach Ayumi, Naomi, and Seiko who are having a conversation near the red bean soup shop during their school's Cultural Festival, and inform them about a haunted house set up by the students of another class. They ask the girls to join them since they are heading there. Naomi and Seiko happily accept, but Ayumi can't join them because she has to tend the shop and prompts the others to go without her. Yoshiki, however, feeling bad to leave her alone, decides to stay, but Ayumi tells him not to worry about her and that they should go and have fun. Yoshiki and the others then leave for the haunted house.


Sakutaro is looking out of the classroom window sighing as he is unable to muster up a voice to project in the theater club and instead decides to skip the club and go straight home. Meanwhile, Yoshiki is running down the hallway looking for his cell phone and heads to the classroom, only to enter the room and bumps into Sakutaro sending him to the floor.

Yoshiki apologizes to Sakutaro who reminds Yoshiki to slow down every now and again, before noticing his glasses are missing. Yoshiki offers a helping hand to find the glasses, however just as Sakutaro tells Yoshiki to be careful not to step on them, Yoshiki steps on his glasses breaking them which irritates Sakutaro. Yoshiki offers to reimburse him as soon as he gets paid, but Sakutaro tells him it's fine and that he has an old pair of glasses at home. However, he can't get home as Sakutaro is as blind as a bat without his glasses and demands that Yoshiki assists him to get to his home. Yoshiki explains he has a job to get to and doesn't know where Sakutaro lives, but Sakutaro says he'll direct him and tells Yoshiki to call his employer that he'll be late this evening. Yoshiki helps Sakutaro up onto his feet but complains at Sakutaro standing really close to him. Sakutaro replies that he doesn't have any choice since he can't see. Yoshiki complains further by implying that Sakutaro is feeling him up and that he can feel his body heat and it feels weird, but Sakutaro tells him not to worry as it's just as uncomfortable for him and to put it out of his mind and focus. Yoshiki replies to him curtly twice before Sakutaro says that Yoshiki doesn't need to repeat himself.

In the corridor, Mayu sees Sakutaro and Yoshiki and calls to Sakutaro, however as soon as she notices them walking arm in arm she gets the wrong idea and pretends she didn't see anything before running off. Sakutaro bumps into something on the way and Yoshiki tells him to watch his step, which annoys Sakutaro as Yoshiki is meant to be his eyes. Yoshiki yells at him that Sakutaro complains too much.

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party: Book of Shadows follow

Episode #2; 『Demise』

Yoshiki runs into Mayu in the halls, and tells her that he and Ayumi got separated after she began acting strange. He joins Mayu, and together they search for Ayumi. While approaching the pool, they find a girl tied up to some sort of trap, and they rescue her. She introduces herself as Nana Ogasawara, and chooses to travel with them in the search for their friends. Noticing something in a hole near the entranceway, they recover the bandages Nana had been tied with and create a makeshift rope. Yoshiki and Nana lower Mayu into the hole and recover some holy water, before using it to get past several spirits who had been blocking the stairwell to the third floor.

In the Reference Room, they find Ayumi engrossed in a book, mumbling to herself. Yoshiki tries to snap her out of her trance, but the spirits taking hold of her make her worse. She bites Yoshiki's neck, but he manages to get the spirits out by hugging her. Ayumi slaps him out of shock, but quickly regains her bearings upon seeing Mayu. After the ordeal, they rest in the hall outside one of the classrooms. Nana decides to go to the bathrooms, and Yoshiki tells Mayu to go with her. Later, he and Ayumi hear Mayu screaming and go to see what's wrong. Mayu urges them that there's nothing wrong and runs.

Corpse Party: Blood Drive

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party: Blood Drive follow

CHAPTER 00 『 A Faint Light 』

After Ayumi is released from the hospital, she returns to Kisaragi Academy and meets with Yoshiki, along with Satoshi, Naomi, and Yuka to be welcomed back.

Later, Yoshiki is walking through Ayumi's neighborhood to visit her. Along the way, he passes Misuto Kiriya, and remarks on his clothing.

Some time passes, and Yoshiki and Satoshi decide to eat lunch together on the roof of Kisaragi Academy. During their mealtime, Ms. Kuon approaches them and, seeing that Satoshi has no lunch, asks what his favorite food is, and then leaves. Satoshi decides to get food from the lunch line but is too late, and it is already over. Yoshiki offers him some of his lunch. However, a helicopter hovers over them, and a man in a black suit hands Satoshi his favorite meal.

When Ayumi investigates the Shimorenjaku South Apartments, Yoshiki, Satoshi, and Naomi save Ayumi from a spirit. Yoshiki scolds her for going there alone and blaming herself for the events in Heavenly Host. After a conversation between the others and Aiko Niwa who later appears, Yoshiki and the rest returned home.

CHAPTER 01 『 Returning 』

The next day, Yoshiki and Ayumi go to a cafe near Kisaragi Academy to talk with Aiko Niwa. She infers that the two were survivors of Heavenly Host due to the color of their auras. Ayumi is informed that she is also the one who sold the information to Naho Saenoki. Angered by this, Yoshiki questions how well she can sleep at night knowing she did this.

Ayumi and Yoshiki are then informed by Aiko that Heavenly Host was not destroyed after they and their friends escaped from there. Aiko produces a "thoughtograph" depicting Yuki Kanno in Heavenly Host Elementary School, and also informs Ayumi that the red box from Makina's apartment she gave to her yesterday contained the Everafter Stones which can transport them to Heavenly Host. Ayumi and Yoshiki are informed by Aiko about the origin of Heavenly Host Elementary School and its true form, the Nirvana, about the Book of Shadows and about the Shinozaki curse. Aiko proposes that she and Ayumi can work together; Aiko plans to make Heavenly Host as a spiritual tour destination while Ayumi can come to retrieve the Book of Shadows as a descendant of Shinozaki and revive her dead friends there.

Ayumi is uncertain whether the Book of Shadows is truly in Heavenly Host or whether the Everafter Stones really work as Aiko claims. Aiko joins together the pieces of stone and a stream of energy formed around her, which shocked both Ayumi and Yoshiki that the stones really work. Yoshiki asks Aiko whether Aiko wants to keep the stones all by herself, since Ayumi is the one who risked to retrieve the stones in the first place, and after thinking about it, Aiko agrees that Ayumi can keep a piece of the stones so that neither of them can go to Heavenly Host by themselves. Ayumi agrees with Aiko's idea and keeps one of the stones.

As Yoshiki walks Ayumi home, she mentions that she hates Aiko and she will break the stones after she has revived her four dead friends. Yoshiki agrees and pulls the other stone from his pocket, which surprises her. Yoshiki faked putting the other stone back into Aiko's pouch. Ayumi is impressed and jokingly calls him a terrible person. Yoshiki tries to discourage Ayumi from attempting to resurrect their dead friends, but Ayumi pleads with Yoshiki to understand her. Yoshiki decides to keep one of the stones to prevent her from going alone. Yoshiki then pats Ayumi's head, assuring her that everything is going to turn out alright. Not expecting Yoshiki's gesture, Ayumi does not know what to do as it stirs mixed feelings within her.

On his way home from his part-time job late in the evening, Yoshiki stops at a convenience store to pick up some necessities. While shopping, he examines some occult items being sold and has the item he inspects stolen from him by an old lady. As he reaches his apartment complex, he notices that Ayumi has been waiting for him outside. Yoshiki then offers Ayumi to come in and treats her to some hot tea. Yoshiki then asks the reason she came to his house. Ayumi tells Yoshiki that she has decided to go to Heavenly Host and she wants to take the other stone from him. Yoshiki tries desperately to warn Ayumi about the danger. Ayumi then shows the thoughtograph that the mysterious man has given her to Yoshiki that the Book of Shadows is in Heavenly Host and they can save the trapped souls from the Nirvana. Ayumi suddenly is reminded of the time when she had failed to resurrect Mayu, but she shakes her head trying to dismiss the thought, and she has made up her mind. She asks whether Yoshiki trusts her, as she thinks she can't discuss the topic with anyone else.

Yoshiki tells Ayumi that she does not have to worry and he will protect her no matter what like how he promised. Hearing this, Ayumi is overwhelmed and begins to cry. Yoshiki then asks Ayumi to give him her stone, which she does. After approximating the time, Yoshiki quickly opens the window and throws both of the stones to the street just before a truck is about to pass by. They can hear the sound of the stones breaking like glass after the truck drives over them. Ayumi is shocked and slaps Yoshiki for his action and yells that she should have not trusted him. Yoshiki yells back that he cannot let her go back to Heavenly Host, and points out the many assumptions she had made and that she did not have any plan which would only lead to her death. Ayumi begins to cry and speaks ill of him before she runs outside to search for the stones.

After searching for a while, Ayumi finds the stones still intact even though they had been run over by a truck. Suddenly, the mysterious man appears and talks to Ayumi to convince her to use the stones and go to Heavenly Host. Ayumi asks the man whether he is on her side. Suddenly, Yoshiki comes and after realizing the stones are still intact, tries to talk to Ayumi to give them to him. Ayumi refuses and the mysterious man throws Yoshiki to the wall with magical force. The man then introduces himself as Misuto Kiriya, a member of the Yagoura Society. Ayumi and Misuto then join the Everafter Stones together. Misuto gives Ayumi his charm, the Argus Cube, and tells her to hold onto it. Yoshiki writhes in pain and tries to tell Ayumi to not go, but Ayumi has made up her mind and tells him to not worry about her anymore. After yelling the incantation, both Ayumi and Misuto jump into Heavenly Host.

CHAPTER 02 『 Respective Desires 』

Yoshiki is looking for some way to enter Heavenly Host to find Ayumi, so he heads to Paulownia Academy High School to find Aiko. He sees Magari Mizuki who he never met before instead and starts asking her where Aiko is. She tells him if he keeps butting in she will have to kill him, and after a brief conversation she knocks him out with the butt of her scythe. When he wakes up, he finds she is no longer there and he asks himself self-consciously why he has to be so weak.

CHAPTER 03 『 Pain 』

Yoshiki comes across Magari again while she is about to use the Everafter stones and jumps on her just before she teleports and thus escapes to the Nirvana with her.

At the end of the chapter, Yoshiki wakes up and sees one of Ayumi's candles in the hallway. He runs up to it and squats down, promising Ayumi he will find her and take her home.

CHAPTER 04 『 Pillars of the Six Demons 』

CHAPTER 05 『 Breakdown 』

CHAPTER 06 『 Book of Shadows 』

CHAPTER 07 『 Determination 』

CHAPTER 08 『 Ties Severed, Ties Mended 』

CHAPTER 09 『 Imperator 』

CHAPTER 10 『 Reparations 』

Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient follow

Chapter 1

In a cutscene at the beginning of Chapter 1, Ayumi Shinozaki sits in a wheelchair by the window with an empty expression and unfocused eyes. Yoshiki then pulls her away from the window so that she doesn't catch a cold.

Significant plot details end here.


Ayumi Shinozaki

Yoshiki first met Ayumi after she stopped him from punching Mikio Tsubota, thus sparing him from being expelled. Since then, he has grown strong romantic feelings for her, seeing her as the only person at school who cares about him. Ayumi herself is completely oblivious to this and still seems to see him as a delinquent.

Upon arriving in Heavenly Host, he vows to protect her no matter what happens, a promise that he manages to keep. By the end of Blood Drive, she finally realizes he cares for her.

Satoshi Mochida

Yoshiki and Satoshi appear to have a close friendship, shown by the two of them calling each other by their first names. Despite Satoshi being the person of Ayumi's affections, Yoshiki doesn't let this get in the way of their friendship. They also are shown to spend time with each other at school doing different events from the different activities at the Cultural Festival to having lunch on the roof. Satoshi also shows concern for Yoshiki when he disappears to Heavenly Host going after Ayumi.

Miki Kishinuma

While the rest of his family has disowned Yoshiki, his younger sister Miki still cares for him and visits him often. She often cooks for him and sends him tea, and can tell when Yoshiki has been skipping his meals. When Yoshiki is about to return to Heavenly Host, he wishes he could see her one more time before he goes back into danger.

Mayu Suzumoto

Yoshiki and Mayu seem to be good friends. In Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, Yoshiki and Mayu support each other throughout Episode #2; 『Demise』. If you choose to have Yoshiki not go back with Ayumi to Heavenly Host, Yoshiki will hallucinate two of his classmates, one being Satoshi, and Mayu, who greets and teases him for coming late to class.


  • In the Corpse Party: Book of Shadows Character Contest, Yoshiki ranked 3rd place with 57 votes.
  • Yoshiki is a weak swimmer.
  • With the exception of the True End ★1 route of Corpse party BloodCovered: ...Repeated Fear, in every other Corpse Party iteration, Yoshiki decides not to go back to Heavenly Host Elementary School with Shinozaki, and in the same scene, confesses that he loves her.

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