We appreciate the warning, but we have to try. We'll do whatever we can to find everyone and get out of here. They're all such good people... They've done nothing to deserve this! And I absolutely will not give up on them just because there's some nebulous curse that might strike back at me!

—Satoshi Mochida, Corpse Party (CHAPTER 3)

Satoshi Mochida


Satoshi Cropped.png


持田 哲志
(もちだ さとし)


Mochida Satoshi


17 (CP)
22 (CP2)




168 cm/5' 6"


54.2 kg/119 lb

Birth Date

July 4 (Cancer)

Blood Type

O type


Kisaragi Academy Senior High


High School Student (CP)
University Student (CP2)


2-9 (CP)
4th year (CP2)






The dark, confined spaces, and ghost stories.


Collecting CDs.

Future Dream

Looking into it.


Hiro (Father)
Miho (Mother)
Yuka (Younger Sister)

Voices & Actors

Shinya Tsurugi

PSP and/or iOS VA

Hiro Shimono


Hiro Shimono

Drama CD VA

Hiro Shimono

Vita VA

Hiro Shimono


Hiro Shimono


Ryōsuke Ikeoka

Satoshi Mochida (持田 哲志 Mochida Satoshi?) is a character introduced in CORPSE-PARTY and a major recurring character in the Corpse Party series. He also is the main protagonist of Corpse Party and it's three remakes.

Satoshi is a fourth year University student, previously a student of Kisaragi Academy Senior High School's classroom 2-9, one of the five original survivors of Heavenly Host and one of the many people involved in the Amare Patriarcha Crucis Hospital incident.

He is the son of Miho Mochida and the older brother of Yuka Mochida.

Design[edit | edit source]

Satoshi is a teenager with an average height and a light build. He has short, light brown hair, and light brown eyes.

He wears the standard Kisaragi Academy Senior High male uniform which is consistent of a white shirt, blue undershirt, gray pants, white socks and white uwabaki slippers with blue stripes near the soles. His student ID is pinned on the right side of his shirt.

In the Corpse Party: Blood Covered manga, he is shown to wear a white shirt with shorter sleeves, a blue shirt, and the same clothing as his game counterpart, although we can see him wearing green pants and brown shoes with blue laces on both the Volume 5 cover with Naomi Nakashima and on the Volume 9 cover with Ayumi Shinozaki. In the Volume 9 bonus story, he is forced into a maid uniform by Naomi, Mayu, and Seiko. The made outfit consisted of a white wig with a maid head piece, a black and white maid dress with apron, long white socks, black maid shoes, and dark shorts underneath.

In Corpse Party: Sweet Sachiko's Hysteric Birthday Bash, he briefly wears the "Harem King" outfit, consisting of a crown, a red cape, matching swimming trunks, and a pair of boots.

In Corpseparty; Musume, he wears a yellow jacket, a white shirt, a blue neck tie, blue pants and blue uwabaki slippers.

In Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient , Satoshi is now noticeably older and wears a white and green striped shirt underneath a fully-buttoned yellow cardigan with an orange scarf, blue trousers with rolled up ends and light brown shoes.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Satoshi is kindhearted by nature, often willing to go the extra mile for those that he cares for. Due to this, he is shown to be on good terms with most of the people in his life. Ironically, Satoshi is also a bit of a coward, and was highly reluctant to take part in the ritual that placed him and his peers at Heavenly Host Elementary School. Although stated as such, Satoshi takes the leader position when needed in the group, one example was when he was the one to check the door of the classroom when their school went into a blackout.

A bit of a blockhead, Satoshi is blissfully unaware of the crushes multiple girls in his group of peers have for him, which never sees further development as everyone becomes more preoccupied with surviving the horrors of Heavenly Host.

Despite the grotesque environment and macabre events that occur within Heavenly Host, Satoshi somehow finds the courage inside himself to push forward for the sake and safety of those important to him, such as his younger sister Yuka.

Plot[edit | edit source]

CORPSE-PARTY[edit | edit source]

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for CORPSE-PARTY and CORPSE PARTY -Rebuilt- follow

Satoshi is a playable character. Though Satoshi has high attack power, his speed is lacking. He also has no magic.

1 30 60 40 10
40 10 60 36 10
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Corpse Party[edit | edit source]

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party (PC), Corpse Party (PSP, iOS) and Corpse Party (3DS) follow

CHAPTER 1[edit | edit source]

One night, Satoshi stayed after school with several classmates to clean up after the Kisaragi Academy's culture festival. At some point, Ayumi Shinozaki, the class representative, began to tell ghost stories about Heavenly Host Elementary School, scaring him to no end. After a short while, Yui Shishido, their teacher, told them all to go home and finish cleaning the next day, but Ayumi chose to instead perform a charm first to cheer up their classmate, Mayu Suzumoto, who was transferring. Satoshi, along with all the classmates in the room, including Yui and his little sister, Yuka, who had come to deliver his umbrella, participated in the ritual. A short time after the completion of the charm, an earthquake shook the school, causing a large hole to open in the floor, into which everyone in the room at the time fell into.

CHAPTER 3[edit | edit source]

When Satoshi awoke, he found himself in Heavenly Host Elementary School, the school that was the subject of Ayumi's ghost stories. The only other person who arrived with him was Yuka, with the other seven nowhere to be seen. At some point, a ghost appeared before them, and gave them some information regarding the school and its inescapable nature. Even knowing that the odds of finding their classmates were very low, Satoshi chose to trek through the school, and they encounter their first hostile ghost, Ryou Yoshizawa. Satoshi decides that it would be wise not to look directly at him, and go to the east side third floor, as both the north and south paths are blocked off.​​

On the way up the stairs, they find a key and continue on. Yuka points out that she needs to go to the restroom, and seeing as how they just arrived at the lavatories, Satoshi allows her to go. She tries to go as Satoshi stands outside the door, but she quickly runs out. Satoshi inspects the reason for why Yuka couldn't go, and it turns out the floor is completely gone in front of the stalls. As the boys restroom is boarded up, they have to search elsewhere.

Back on the second floor, Satoshi uses the key he recovered in the stairwell to get into the infirmary. While exploring the room, he hears the voice of one of his classmates, Naomi Nakashima, apologizing to her friend, Seiko Shinohara. In the back, he finds a bed, and lets Yuka rest for a while. Yuka refuses to stay unless Satoshi remains with her, so he rests as well. Unknowingly, both him and Yuka fell asleep. They both wake up after a while, and decided to leave, but before they could a newspaper appeared on the floor. The newspaper tells of a gruesome murder that happened at the school prior to its demolition. Both him and Yuka notice that the faces of the dead children were the same as those of the two ghosts they had encountered.

Continuing to the hall, they hear Ayumi's voice, and rush out. In the hall, they find a large blood stain, as if someone had been dragged down the hall. Satoshi notices something on the ground, and picks it up. It turns out to be a nail puller, so they go back up to the boys' lavatory to unboard the door. Much like the other bathroom, this one is unusable, as all the stalls are missing. Once more, they head back down to the second floor, and hear the sound of a camera.

A bit further down, they come across Sakutaro Morishige, who's fixated at his cell phone. He notices the two and puts his phone away, stating how glad he is to have found someone else. Satoshi hears the buzzing of a fly, and looks around the corner, only to find a massive blood splatter on the wall. Sakutaro tells them that it's most likely the pulverized remains of a female student, as there's some breast meat mixed into the mess. Satoshi asks if he's come across anyone else, with the answer being no. Sakutaro decides to go off on his own to search for Mayu, as that raises the odds of finding her. Before he leaves, Satoshi tells him to tell the other classmates to meet up in classroom 1-A, if he comes across them. Sakutaro responds with a positive answer and leaves the siblings. Both Satoshi and Yuka suspect that the sound of the camera was him taking a photo of the corpse, but he pushes the thought to the back of his mind and carries on.

On the first floor, they find that the hall has extended to the east. At the end is a locked door, but they find the key by smashing the glass on the cabinet in Classroom 1-A, and proceed through the hall. Beyond the door is an outdoor walkway to the second building, or annex. Hoping to find a bathroom in this building, they go in. Once entering, both of them experience headaches, and Satoshi notes the thick air. In the room adjacent to the entranceway they find a bathroom, but like the others, it is unusable. Another is found on the second floor, but is unreachable due to the destroyed floor.

Satoshi meets a strange girl in the art room.

Exploring the annex further, they find a music room, and an art room. Inside the art room, Yuka spots a girl standing in the corner. Satoshi approaches her and attempts to start a conversation, but the girl ignores them, moving her lips as if chanting something. Trying to talk to her once more, she begins to mumble random things to herself, so they decide to leave. After leaving the art room, they see a different girl from another school run by. They catch up with her and Satoshi attempts to talk to her. She appears troubled by something, so he asks her what's wrong, which causes her to scream, push him out of the way, and charge out of the room.

While returning to the first floor, an earthquake shakes the building, which seemingly repaired the path to the other bathroom. Unfortunately, they can't use this one either, as the door is somehow being sealed by several charms. Satoshi decides that the only way Yuka will be able to relieve herself would be to go out in the forest. She reluctantly agrees, and they head to the entranceway. Satoshi tells her to go out on her own, and remains inside the annex.

Somehow, he went unconscious, and woke up in the Staff Room, with Yuka nowhere to be seen. The main door was locked, and searching the room led him to a video tape, and an article written by Kou Kibiki. The article talks about the murder of the children, notably Yoshikazu Yanagihori's involvement, and several events that followed. After reading it, he tries the door again, but finds it's still locked. He hears the voice of a girl behind him, and turns to face her. She reveals herself to be the spirit of a girl who died in the school, and starts telling him about how he arrived in the school, saying one of the members of the group messed up the Sachiko Ever After charm in some way. After chatting a short while, Naho says several words, which cause Satoshi to heat up tremendously, before telling him to "go to the one who occupies his thoughts."

CHAPTER 4[edit | edit source]

Some time later, Satoshi wakes up in the main building with a small headache. Heading north, he hears the voice of Seiko, telling him to take care of Naomi. In the stairwell, he finds Naomi slouched against a wall, but it was simply an illusion, and she disappears. Naomi's phone falls down the stairs, and starts ringing, so he picks it up. On the phone he hears Naomi's mother, along with another voice, which repeats the same request over and over, "Help me..." Panicked by the strange voice, he throws the phone to the ground, but ends up bringing it with him anyway.

Up on the third floor, he hears voices coming from the girls' lavatories, and goes in to investigate. Inside, the chatting continues, but the voices stop once he asks if anyone is there. All of the stalls are locked, so he tries to leave. As he does so, a loud noise from the stalls catches his attention. Returning to them, he can feel that someone is behind the third door, so he kicks it down, only to find Naomi hanging from a noose. He holds her up, allowing her to breathe more easily, and attempts to untie the rope around her neck. With a bit of effort, he unties the knot, and they both fall to the ground.

Naomi begins to cry and hugs Satoshi, but quickly regains her composure. Apparently she has no memory of trying to hang herself, and she shows him the hanged corpse of Seiko. Satoshi decides to take her body down, and places it in the hall before heading downstairs. On the way down, Naomi collapses due to lack of oxygen in her brain from the attempted hanging. Satoshi quickly brings her to the infirmary to rest, and goes off to search for Yuka once more. On the first floor, he tries to go to the second wing, but the hall has shrunk back to its original state, sealing him into the main building.

Unable to do anything about it, he goes back to check on Naomi. Before reaching the staircase he sees the spirit of the girl in red, and pursues her. While searching a classroom for the girl, he finds an item, though it jumps from one side to the other, making it impossible for him to get alone. Near the custodian's room, he finds a phone lying on the ground, and after inspecting it, learns it belongs to Seiko. She appeared to be in the middle of a text when she dropped it, and he accidentally reads it before heading back to the infirmary.

He finds Naomi standing outside the infirmary, who tells him not to leave her like that. When asked why she left the infirmary, she tells him about when she was attacked by a dark force when Seiko was still alive. Together they head back to the classroom where Satoshi found the item, and retrieve it. The item is a red key, and they use it on the custodian's closet door, allowing them to go inside. When they enter, the lights seem to go out, but they manage to get them working again.

They find a television with a camcorder on top of it, and Satoshi places the tape he found earlier into it, but it has no power. After trying this, an article appears on the ground near them so they read it. It's another article written by Kou, and once more speaks of Yoshikazu, primarily about his sudden illness, which made him unable to speak and reverted him to a childlike state. It also included some information about the one survivor of the murder, the girl in red, Sachiko Shinozaki, and how it was her testimony that officially made Yoshikazu known as the murderer, and how no data about her whereabouts after the attempted murder could be found, which baffled the writer. He then goes over the method of death each of the children went through, before asking a question, "Was Yoshikazu Yanagihori really the murderer of the three victims?" as he's always been a kind person, and was also unable to voice his thoughts on the murder. He had no motive, and people who knew him couldn't believe that he would do such a thing.

CHAPTER 5[edit | edit source]

After reading the article, Satoshi and Naomi discuss that the spirit of the girl in red that they've been seeing in the school must be Sachiko, but are both confused as to why she's there, along with why she's still the spirit of a child, instead of an adult as she should be. Satoshi thinks the smartest thing to do would be to talk with the spirit of Sachiko herself to uncover the full story, but only after finding Yuka. Before they could head out, another earthquake happens. While shielding Naomi, Satoshi is hit with a ceiling beam and falls unconscious.

He wakes up sometime later with a massive headache. The lights seem to have gone out, and Naomi appeared to have fallen unconscious as well. She also wakes up, and the previously unpowered television suddenly starts up and plays the tape Satoshi put in the camcorder earlier. The video follows Kou and his cameraman, Shougo Taguchi, when they first entered the school. At first Shougo was amazed by the school, but began to lose it after seeing their first corpse, along with the many forces of the building that were beginning to get to his mind. They began discussing a method of getting out of the school, but Shougo snapped, running from Kou. The clip ends with Kou about to retrieve a new tape for the camcorder Shougo dropped. Knowing that there's another tape, Naomi and Satoshi decide to venture out in search of it, along with Yuka of course, hoping to find more about this "Way out," he spoke of.

Upon leaving, they notice that the school seems to have changed. Before continuing on, Naomi stops him to clean some splinters off his back. While doing so, Ayumi and Yoshiki Kishinuma spot them from across a gap. They each explain the things they've learned while separated, and are told of the death of Mayu. Ayumi tells them that the true murderer is actually Sachiko, and that the way out is to make her express remorse for the murders. Naomi and Ayumi get into an argument over the different methods of escape, as Kou's method doesn't sound like it would solve anything other than letting THEM escape, but Satoshi stops them. Yoshiki hands him a Marble Statue that a spirit they befriended gave him, and they carry on.

After wandering the halls in search of Yuka for a while, they found that the hall leading to the annex had opened once again. They enter, and near one of the washrooms they encounter a fresh corpse. He seemed to have been stabbed to death, and nearby, they recover Yuka's shoes. Finding her shoes so close to a recently killed body panicked Satoshi, but he carries on. In the stairwell, they find Sakutaro's cell phone. It appeared to have recorded something, and Naomi makes it play. Somehow, the phone recorded Sakutaro's final moments, smashing his head against a window, crying out for Mayu, before finally jumping out. They decide to bring the phone with them, and continue searching the building.

Despite examining every room they could, they found no trace of Yuka, and choose to return to the main building. On the way back, in the annex's entranceway, they find Yuka slouched between two shoe racks. When she tries to get up to rejoin them, she drops a tape. While she doesn't remember ever finding the tape, Satoshi takes it anyway, as it's the next part of Kou's recording. Back in the custodian's closet, they watch it, and find out that it contains Kou's death at the hands of Naho, though thankfully he revealed the method of returning before he was killed. In order to escape, they simply have to perform the charm in reverse, by putting the pieces of the paper doll together, and chant once for each person, plus once more for Sachiko herself. Both Satoshi and Naomi notice that the recording was taken in the same room, so they open the closet. Inside they find the remains of both Kou and Naho. Naomi tells Satoshi to look further into the closet, and he finds a secret entrance. When asked how she knew that it was there, she claims to have no idea.

The passage leads to a very dark room with a ladder at the end. Naomi rushes up the ladder before everyone else, and Satoshi tells Yuka to go up next. As Yuka protests highly to this, Satoshi heads up before her. The ladder leads to the same bathroom that Seiko was hanged in, in fact, the same stall. Naomi breaks down, blaming herself for Seiko's death. He shows her Seiko's cell phone, which he's been carrying up until now, and lets her read the message she typed up before dying. The text showed that Seiko wasn't angry with Naomi at all, and she begins to calm down.

They head out to the hall, and Yuka finds another tape, though as the camcorder broke, they can't watch this one. Now knowing how to escape, they make sure they all have their paper doll scraps. Naomi realizes her's is missing, and starts to panic. They're about to go search for it, but Ayumi and Yoshiki spot them across a gap. In a stroke of luck, Ayumi appears to have found Naomi's student ID, which housed her doll scrap. Yoshiki hands Satoshi another statue, and they part ways again after telling the two about Sakutaro's death. Near the infirmary, they notice two pedestals. The statues seem to fit perfectly, so they place them, and the door opens up.

The door led to a hallway, and upon entering it, both Naomi and Yuka experience heavy headaches and nosebleeds. Due to this, Satoshi progresses towards the infirmary alone, and notices that even he has a nosebleed. The sign on the door reads, "Sachiko. Cleaning up in the reference room. Please wait here for me until I'm done. -Mom" and he notes that Sachiko's name is mentioned. Entering the infirmary, he begins to hear a female voice. After walking forward, a spirit of a woman appears and paralyzes him. She walks towards him, speaking about Sachiko, before releasing her hold on him. On the table he finds a diary dating back to 1953, and takes it. The spirit begins to speak in a more serious tone, and her neck falls unnaturally onto her shoulder, so Satoshi rushes out of the room.

Back out in the main hall, the three of them decide to read through the diary. It was written by a former nurse of Heavenly Host Elementary School, Yoshie Shinozaki, the mother of Sachiko. It seems both her and Sachiko were killed by the principal after he tried raping her, who covered up her death as an accident and marked Sachiko as "missing." Her spirit lived on in the school, and she cursed the Yanagihori family line. They note that it's strange that the date is 1953, as the murders didn't happen until 1972. It seems that around 1972, Sachiko got a corporeal body once again. Along with the help of Yoshikazu, she killed children and sent their spirits to her mother. Yoshie didn't want this, she wanted to see Sachiko herself, though eventually Sachiko stopped doing it for her mother's sake, and did it because she enjoyed killing. Many more pages of the diary consist of short passages such as "Kill more," and she also voices her joy at the fact that the principal committed suicide. A short distance away from where they read the diary, they find a Black Cat Plushie, which was mentioned earlier during the diary as a gift for Sachiko.

Heading back to the annex, they witness a man jumping from the roof. From what they just read, Satoshi assumes it must be the principal. After a short time, he falls once again, being forced to repeat his moment of death endlessly. Satoshi notices a key next to the corpse, and retrieves it. Having a means of getting into the principal's office, they head there. Inside, they find that the room is covered in charms, and they occasionally hear echoes of his voice.

Inside the principal's desk, they find a bag. Satoshi takes it and looks inside, and witnesses a flashback of the principal. Satoshi sees one of the times when Takamine dug up Sachiko's corpse. He's been suffering from the curse put on him, and believes that Sachiko isn't dead yet. To stop her from telling anyone about what he did, he cuts off her tongue and stabs the corpse repeatedly. Satoshi recovers from the flashback, and realizes that the bag contains Sachiko's tongue. In the back of the room, they find a secret passage with a ladder, and decide to go through it.

At the bottom, they find themselves in an abandoned bomb shelter. Moving ahead, they encounter several tables with human heads set up on display, and a spirit appears. The spirit shows them the correct path to get through the tables, as trying the wrong route causes them to fall through the floor to a room below. While continuing on, they run into Kou's cameraman, Shougo. He's relieved to see other living people, but runs away when Naomi tries to return something he dropped. The next area they enter has another spirit who shows them the correct path, which leads them to a horrid smelling dark room.

Seiko's body on the floor of the dissection room.

The lights turn on, revealing the room to be absolutely covered in blood, with buckets containing human remains scattered about. After examining the room for a short while, they hear footsteps approaching. They quickly hide under the table, and Shougo ends up running by and hides in the large cabinet near the back of the room. More, heavier footsteps continue to close in, until Yoshikazu stands next to the table. Suddenly, he drops Seiko's corpse on the floor right beside them, with her cold, dead eyes staring right at them. Satoshi does his best to calm Naomi down, who's starting to freak out at the sight. Yoshikazu finds Shougo, and kills him before dragging them both away.

Naomi, enraged at how Seiko's body is being treated, chases after Yoshikazu. Satoshi and Yuka follow the blood trail left from the corpses until it disappears. They don't know which way Naomi went, but they take a wild guess and carry on. A short distance away, they run into Ayumi and Yoshiki, who tells him about Yui's death. Together, they move ahead, and they encounter Yuki, the ghost Ayumi and Yoshiki appeased. She tells them that Ayumi is succumbing to the darkening, and says to go on to the final room. They go through a short room, containing the corpse of Yoshikazu, and finally enter Sachiko's chamber.

The room is dark, and causes everyone to get a headache. The sound of digging can be heard, followed by the three child spirits appearing throughout the room. In a hole near the back, they see Sachiko's mutilated corpse, who commands them to leave. Satoshi tries to reason with her, but she ignores him and continues demanding them to leave her alone. She appears before them and paralyzes the whole group, before heading over to Yuka. Satoshi hears her scream in pain, but can't see what's going on, being unable to even turn his head. Ayumi tells him to start the appeasing, and he gives her back her tongue, as well as the plushie her mother got for her. Succeeding in appeasing her, they redo the Sachiko Ever After charm in reverse to finish her off.

Seemingly victorious, Yuki appears before the group and tells them that the only chance they have to fully escape is to make their way outside as soon as possible. As they rush to the only accessible outdoor area, the entry to the annex, the air begins to thicken, but they make it. Together, they jump over the fence, and are transported back to the real world. Thankful to be back, they return home, with a promise to not skip school the next day.

When they come back, it seems everyone who wasn't involved in the Heavenly Host incident don't remember those who died, it's as if they never existed, their souls forever trapped in the cursed school. Later in the day, Naomi calls Satoshi and tells him to meet her in class. He goes, and she tells him of what she learned in the time where she split from the group while chasing after Yoshikazu. It seems, that in some sort of trance, it was her who hanged Seiko. She has no recollection of doing so, but a video left behind by Shougo seemed to have revealed it as true. She tells him that she was being consumed by some dark presence upon learning this, but she mysteriously received several of the texts Seiko's cell phone saved before her death, and she managed to fight off the presence and rejoin them. Crying, she asks if Seiko and the others really existed, to which he answers yes.

Warning!: The following content is only available in Corpse Party (PSP, iOS) and Corpse Party (3DS)

EXCHAP 6[edit | edit source]

During Kisaragi's Cultural Festival, Satoshi and Yoshiki ask Naomi, Ayumi, and Seiko whether they would like to join them going to a haunted house that the other class is running. Naomi and Seiko cheerfully accept their offer, and when Satoshi asks whether Ayumi would like to join them as well, she politely declines because she has to tend their class' red bean soup shop and tell them to go without her. Satoshi apologizes for not thinking about Ayumi, and he and the others head to the haunted house, leaving Ayumi behind tending the shop.

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Corpse Party: Book of Shadows[edit | edit source]

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party: Book of Shadows follow

Episode #1; 『Seal』[edit | edit source]

Satoshi tries to convince his friends to not perform the Sachiko Ever After charm, but his friends shrug his warnings off, so he forces himself to join them because he doesn't want to let them go alone.

Episode #3; 『Encounter』[edit | edit source]

In the third episode, he visits Yui, who is sick, to pass some lesson notes to her. Yui mistakes Satoshi as Tsukasa Mikuni and hugs him. Later, as Satoshi was about to leave, Yui holds onto him and refuses to let him go. Satoshi has no choice but to stay behind, so he goes to the kitchen and cooks some porridge for her. Yui then falls asleep and dreams about her school days. After Yui feels better, Satoshi lectures Yui on the importance of taking care of herself. Satoshi then teases Yui about how she mistook him for Tsukasa, and then he goes back home.

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Corpse Party: Blood Drive[edit | edit source]

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party: Blood Drive follow

CHAPTER 00 『 A Faint Light 』[edit | edit source]

Two months after the events of the Blood Drive chapter of Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, Satoshi and his friends welcome a recovered Ayumi in front of Kisaragi Academy. Being the only people who share the memories of their lost friends, they have become the only people they can truly open up to.

The next day, Yoshiki invites Satoshi up to the rooftop for lunch, as it looks like he's brought a packed lunch with him. The two sit down there as Satoshi comments that his lunch feels really light. While chatting about lunch, Satoshi brings up the fact that Yoshiki is a surprisingly good cook, and how he can make anything. Satoshi complains that his lunch is mainly yesterday's leftovers, and Yoshiki tells him that he's blessed anyways. While Satoshi tilts his head over that, they open their lunch boxes, only for Satoshi to find a note saying "For bread or something. Sorry" and a 1000 yen bill. Satoshi collapses from the ridiculousness of the situation.

Suddenly, a woman's voice calls out to them. Satoshi looks up, and sees a woman with white hair in a long braid. He identifies her as Kuon Niwa, their homeroom TA and English teacher. He recollects who she is, and admits that she was the person who replaced Yui in this world, making her a painful reminder of the people he and the others had lost in Heavenly Host.

Out of the blue, Kuon asks Satoshi whether he has a lunch, and what he wants to eat. Satoshi, confused by the question, answers Katsudon (pork cutlet on rice), and she smiles, nods, and leaves. The two boys share looks, and Satoshi wonders what that was all about. Yoshiki merely laughs and tells him that she was making fun of him, and tells him he needs to run to the school shop, as they're probably selling out. Satoshi does so only to return exhausted and lunchless. Laughing at his friend's misfortune, Yoshiki offers to give him one of his fried shrimp. Satoshi jumps at the offer and opens his mouth.

Before Yoshiki can say anything, a helicopter flies over and hovers above the school. A man in a suit comes down with a rope ladder, and asks for Satoshi. Satoshi answers, and the man hands him a fancy black lunchbox that contains a Katsudon. Yoshiki drops the fried shrimp in amazement, and Satoshi wonders what in the world Kuon really is.

Later that day, Satoshi and Yoshiki walk into a classroom as Ayumi leaves it. Naomi is there, and they ask her what's going on. Naomi explains that Ayumi seems to be brooding over something. Satoshi comments that Naomi seems to be thinking about something as well, and asks if she's alright. Naomi tells him it's alright, and that she can't afford to act like a spoiled child. Satoshi remains silent at that, and Naomi says she hopes that, Ayumi doesn't get the wrong idea about what happened.

Much later, Yoshiki, Satoshi, and Naomi find Ayumi at Makina Shinozaki's apartment. Ayumi had gone to investigate the apartment to find more clues about Heavenly Host and the whereabouts of the Book of Shadows, which had gone missing since Ayumi and Naomi's failed attempt to resurrect Mayu. Yoshiki yells at Ayumi for being reckless, and Satoshi stops Naomi when she goes to stop Yoshiki, telling her that they should leave it to him. After Yoshiki tells Ayumi that nobody blames her for what happened at Heavenly Host, Satoshi and Naomi agree with him, and Naomi tells her to not take on everything by herself. After re-affirming their friendship, a voice interrupts their moment, and Aiko Niwa appears. Satoshi introduces her as the person who told them that Ayumi was here in the first place. Aiko then introduces herself as a information broker who deals with spiritual matters, and comments about Ayumi's elder sister Hinoe, and Naho.

Promising to explain in greater detail tomorrow afternoon, Aiko takes the red box Ayumi found in the apartment and advises her about her hand which has been sealed shut.

CHAPTER 03 『 Pain 』[edit | edit source]

Satoshi first appears in the chapter after school, asking Naomi if she is alright. Naomi tells him everything is fine, and goes home.

The next morning, Satoshi stands in front of Yoshiki's apartment, calling out to him. When he wasn't escorting Yuka to school, he would often come over to Yoshiki's so they could go to school together. This is an old habit Satoshi retains from when Yoshiki was rougher, in order to stop him from skipping school.

Yoshiki walks out and greets Satoshi halfheartedly. He is carrying a large backpack filled with food and survival kits. Taken aback, Satoshi asks him why he looks like he's getting ready to climb a mountain. Yoshiki grunts, sets down the backpack, and tells him it's nothing, before swiftly changing the subject to how Satoshi's way of calling him sounds like a grade schooler's. Yoshiki doesn't really care and tells Satoshi that he's going hiking and to tell them that he's skipping school. Satoshi grins and tells him he's hiding something again, and that there's no point holding back stuff from him.

After Yoshiki grunts and doesn't answer the question, Satoshi looks at him seriously and asks him if it's related to Heavenly Host. Yoshiki asks him how he knew, and Satoshi points out how there are a couple talismans peeking out of the backpack. Satoshi asks him again if Heavenly Host still exists, and Yoshiki lies; telling him that it was destroyed, just as they saw it. Nodding at this, Satoshi remarks that there's no way to get back into Heavenly Host as Sachiko is no longer there; making the Sachiko Ever After charm useless. Yoshki comforts him, saying he won't be doing anything dangerous. Satoshi nods at this, but tells him to warn him if he's going to do something, telling Yoshiki that it hurts him more when he doesn't say anything.

Yoshiki remains silent for a bit, and Satoshi pulls out one of the talismans poking out of Yoshiki's backpack and asks him jokingly if they even work. Yoshiki comments it's better than bringing along a sardine head, and Satoshi laughs, saying that sometimes Yoshiki talks like an old man. Yoshiki tells him to shut up, but Satoshi tells him that he's going to take him to school anyways. Yoshiki doesn't have the required days of attendance to graduate, and Kuon asked Satoshi to make sure he came in so she could give him a mini-test in order to make-up for the missed days. Yoshiki argues back that it's not the time for that, and he doesn't care if he repeats a year. Satoshi counters by asking him what's so serious, and whether Ayumi is involved as well. Yoshiki falls silent again, and Satoshi sighs before saying he'll hear him out at school. He then proceeds to drag Yoshiki to school with him.

After they arrive, the two greet Kuon. Yoshiki remains pissed and badly behaved, even ordering Kuon to bring the mini-test outside so he can do it at the school gates. During his ranting, a talisman falls out of his pocket and he mentions that he needs to find that Spiritual Item Enthusiast. Satoshi figures out that he was planning to go to Heavenly Host, and confronts him about why he didn't tell him about it. As the two argue, Kuon asks them what they're doing with her little sister. From there, it is revealed that Aiko has gone missing since last night, prompting Yoshiki to immediately run towards Aiko's school in the hopes of finding either her or a hint of how to get back into Heavenly Host.

Satoshi starts to run after Yoshiki, but turns back to thank Kuon. However, as soon as he does that, the two of them notice someone standing on the school roof. To their horror, Naomi is standing on the edge of the roof, outside the safety fence. The two immediately run up to the roof in order to stop a possible suicide attempt.

After getting there, Naomi turns back to them before a gust of wind makes her stumble causing her to almost fall off. After she climbs back over the fence, Naomi says that she doesn't intend to jump and apologizes for making them thinking that. After questioning on what she was doing there, Kuon notices the marks on Naomi's eye and diagnoses it as an anathemic curse. After suggesting Naomi should go home, Kuon and Satoshi are both surprised by her outburst and realize that Naomi has run away from home. Kuon offers to let her stay at her house, and leads her away to collect her bag.

Satoshi is left on the rooftop, and worries that all his friends are falling apart. Yoshiki has run off on his own, and Naomi's mental state is in tatter. After deciding that he needs to do something immediately about it, he runs after Yoshiki.

CHAPTER 04 『 Pillars of the Six Demons 』[edit | edit source]

Satoshi appears in the chapter walking down a street. He internally recounts that he couldn't find Yoshiki in the end. He had checked Paulownia Academy, his work place, and his apartment. Calling Ayumi's cellphone didn't get any response either.

As he continues wondering where they are and what they're doing, he notices a bunch of sports newspapers reporting several strange deaths and articles stating that spirits exist, prompting him to wonder about what happened to the world as well.

On his way home from his search, Satoshi notices several people in sunglasses and black suits standing outside his house. Wondering why there are several people looking like bodyguards around his house, he recognizes one as the person who brought him the Katsudon on the roof of the school.

Entering his home, he is surprisingly greeted by Kuon and Naomi. Kuon explains their presence there as treatment for Naomi. She thought it would be less gloomy for Naomi to be with Satoshi instead of at her house. Satoshi remains silent, as Naomi does seem to be enjoying herself with Yuka. However, he feels a headache coming due to how casually his mother and Yuka are acting towards Kuon despite it being their first meeting.

During dinner time, Kuon tries to feed Satoshi several times via mouth to mouth, explaining it as being a more efficient way of feeding someone. Satoshi tells her that to swallow, and that she's too close. Likening her act to how a mother bird feeds its chicks, she questions Satoshi's reluctance to accept her actions. Remarking that he can chew on his own, and that he's a human being, Satoshi rejects her again. Kuon swallows, and then tells him to have a bite. Sighing, Satoshi takes a bite of the food prepared by Kuon and irritably remarks that it tastes good.

During the meal, Yuka pees herself a little, prompting Satoshi's mother to ask if she failed to go to the toilet again. Satoshi recounts how they all have some sort of physical problem after returning to Heavenly Host, and puts it down to due to being from them having gone through such an unnatural experience.

Later that night, Satoshi is on the phone with Naomi, asking her if she is alright. Naomi feels uneasy even though Kuon's house is big and Kuon is nice to her. Satoshi nods and says that he misses Ms. Yui as well. He recounts how strangers have taken the place of Mayu and the rest, but those people have their own lives here. The longer they interact with them, their feelings grow more and more uncertain in regards to which one is right.

Naomi changes the subject to Yoshiki and Ayumi. Satoshi confirms that he couldn't get in touch with either one. He promises to visit Yoshiki's apartment tomorrow morning, and Naomi replies by saying she'll go by Ayumi's house as well.

After hanging up due to it being late, Satoshi stares at the moon while thinking he should get to sleep. Then, for an instance, the moon changes from a white circle to a black sphere, as if a lunar eclipse just occurred. Disturbed by this, Satoshi goes to sleep.

The next day, Satoshi and Naomi meet at school and confirm that both Ayumi and Yoshiki have disappeared. As they try to figure out where they have gone, as Heavenly Host was supposedly destroyed, they notice a black sphere in the sky. The other students clamor about it as their homeroom teacher Mr. Yamazaki walks in. After announcing that Ms. Kuon has taken a leave of absence due to illness, he also sees the black sphere in the sky. The students call for school to be ended early, and he calls them idiots for asking. After telling the girls not to stand on the desks to get a better look, as the boys are supposedly looking up their skirts, he tells them to return to their seats. Naomi and Satoshi share a look, and they agree that the atmosphere has changed. It doesn't feel like the classroom they're used to, but the chilling presence of Heavenly Host.

After school, the two go to Paulownia academy to search for any clues to Yoshiki, Ayumi, or Aiko's whereabouts. They meet Mio Yuzuki who comments between sobs that they've all disappeared. After learning that Aiko appeared strangely agitated by something a few days ago, they promise to share anything new they've found with her before leaving Paulownia.

On their way home, they repeat the Sachiko Ever After ritual, but nothing occurs. Deciding that this was a sign that the curse of Heavenly Host was truly over, Satoshi invites Naomi to his house again.

Upon returning home, a peculiar sight greets the two of them. Bamboo walls surround the entirety of his house, sort of like a hot-spring resort. Satoshi is surprised and upon entering, they hear a news report announcing that the Ministry of Defense has a report on the black sphere in the sky.

They meet a naked Yuka in the changing area of the hot spring, who's holding a bath towel and a small beach ball. After being welcomed home, Satoshi continues to have a minor panic attack over how drastically his house has changed, and how the rest of his family seems to be totally fine with it.

Ignoring her brother's confusion, Yuka pulls the two of them into the bathing area to show off the hot spring. There, Yuka's friend, Satsuki, greets them before telling Satoshi not to look at her breasts too much. After that, she quips that he wouldn't get turned on by a middle schooler's breasts anyways, and proceeds to shake them at him. Telling her to stop it immediately, Satoshi crumples under the confusion, prompting Naomi to try and support him.

Immediately afterwards, Kuon pops up and announces that she was the one who had the hot spring built using the engineering team of her company. After demanding to know what in the world made her do that, his mother pops up in a towel and a basket of drinks. Unable to understand how the rest of his family is so easy going with this situation, Satoshi's questions end up being ignored as his mother has them all pose for an anniversary picture for the opening of the hot spring.

Still unable to swallow the situation, Satoshi swigs the drink his mother handed him before taking a look at the bottle. It says, "Niwa Flavored". Meanwhile, his mother gives Kuon free access to their house and the hot spring. Kuon thanks Satoshi's mother and calls her 'mother'. In the end, Satoshi ends up losing it and yells at his mother.

Later that night, Satoshi is unable to sleep, so he decides to take a bath. It turns out that even his father was totally fine with the situation, and even went into the hot spring to drink after coming home from work.

Unable to understand how the rest of his family managed to acclimatize themselves to Kuon's sudden and random actions, he gives up questioning it and decides to look at things in a positive light.

Upon stripping and entering the bathing area, he sees Kuon before him. Although he blushes at first, such thoughts quickly leave his mind. Her body was bizarre. Gaunt and skeletal, it was almost sickly thin, like the body of an old woman. Briefly, he feels as if something sparkled at the corner of her eye.

Kuon turns around, and smiles at him, even though she is completely naked. After asking what she's doing here, where is Naomi, and whether she shouldn't hide herself, she laughs and asks him if he isn't cold standing like that. Realizing that he is also naked, he goes into the hot spring with her. There, he asks her if she was crying. In response, she says she was just thinking that it would be nice if time could just stop. Satoshi asks her why she's doing all of this, and why she seems to be paying so much attention to him. Their dialogue reveals that Kuon always wanted to be a teacher, and that after being promoted to the CEO of the company she worked at, she decided to fulfill that dream. Understanding how she managed to pull the ridiculous stunts she does, Satoshi's worry decreases a bit.

The two sit in silence in the hot spring, and Satoshi wonders how old Kuon is. Her skin looks smooth and firm, as you'd expect from someone in their early twenties, but her ribs are showing and he can clearly see the shape of her organs in her stomach.

Kuon suddenly comments that she can't forget the day she became their assistant homeroom teacher. Satoshi remains silent, as he only has the memories of Ms. Yui tripping at the podium and spending the rest of the day with safety pins holding her skirt over her bottom.

Kuon then tells him she loves him, twice. Satoshi quickly asks why she says that and tells her to stop joking. She responds that she's not kidding. He goes onto recount how he doesn't even know or remember that well, at which Kuon looks downward in dismay. A strange silence settles on the two, before being interrupted by a beep. It is Kuon's watch, and its digital display has begun to count downwards. Satoshi asks what it's for, and Kuon replies that it's for research. He thanks her for everything she's done for Yuka and Naomi, and she smiles and says it's no problem. After that, she tells him to make sure to come to school tomorrow, before standing up and walking out of the hot spring, making Satoshi ask her to hide herself.

CHAPTER 05 『 Breakdown 』[edit | edit source]

Satoshi is with Naomi on a small bridge above the street. They both begin discussing the suicides and missing persons reports that have occurred in the past few days and how the police don't have enough manpower to handle it all. They then change the topic on trying to figuring what they could do to find Yoshiki and Ayumi. Satoshi then suggest that they could go see Kuon and ask her if they could go into Aiko Niwa's apartment. Naomi agrees with Satoshi's idea, and after doing so he tries to call Kuon, but can't get through to her.

In that moment, he notices a bloody man climbing the stairs and suggest that they should go. They try to leave, but they see that the routes are blocked by dark spirits. They are about to be attacked by the bloody man until Kuon shows up and saves them both. Kuon then tells them that she has figured out where Aiko, Ayumi, and Yoshiki are.

Later, Satoshi prepares to leave his home to see Kuon and Naomi, and head to Heavenly Host, when he is stopped and questioned by Yuka. Satoshi lies to her, and says that he is going to do some homework, but Yuka sees right through his lie asking if this has something to do with Heavenly Host since according to Satoshi she's always had a better 'sixth sense' then him. Yuka then starts crying, and his mother comes onto the scene to ask where he is going.

Satoshi lies to his mother by telling her he's going to Yoshiki's apartment, and that it's an emergency. He tells Yuka not to worry, and his mother asks Yuka if she wants some ice-cream, which cheers her up. Satoshi pats Yuka on the head, and after doing so he goes upstairs to his room to grab his large bag and heads out.

Satoshi arrives at the meeting spot with Naomi and Kuon where they exchange a few words. Kuon shows the two students the Everafter Stones that she managed to repair from the fragmented pieces, and then teleport to Heavenly Host.

Satoshi and Naomi wake up in Heavenly Host, in the same space as each other. They both then look around, realizing Kuon wasn't with them. Naomi suggests that they go out and look for her, and the two set out. They both later find Kuon behind a pile of chairs, and manage to reach her. After finding Kuon, they head out in search for Aiko, Yoshiki, and Ayumi. When they reach the landing of a staircase Kuon ask if they could stop for a second. Satoshi becomes curious, and asks her if there might be a spirit nearby since according to Ayumi they 'cause you to have a chill run through your body and makes it feel like your stomach is impolding.' Kuon was the only one who could see the spirit that was near her, and it turns out to be Sachi proving that Satoshi was right, but she doesn't mention this to Satoshi or Naomi. Satoshi and Naomi are then given a warning by Kuon to be careful because the dark spirits could easily toy with their minds. After hearing this they continue their search.

As they're searching they hear Ayumi's voice coming from a classroom, which asks Kuon to go home. Kuon enters the classroom first, and sees what appears to be Ayumi's head. Satoshi comes up to the doorway a moment later, and asks her if something is wrong. Kuon then asks Satoshi to not come into the room. Satoshi does what she says, and stays with Naomi in the hallway. A moment later Satoshi notices a small shadow that appears in front of him, and immediately realizes it's about to swing an axe. Sachi appears behind him, and swings her axe at him. Satoshi then immediately and instinctively ducks, causing her to miss. Sachi disappears, and Satoshi looks behind him, and notices a broken window and questions what happened. Naomi asks him if he's alright, and he says he is. Kuon then shows up, and grabs Satoshi and Naomi's hands, and tells them to run.

They run to a staircase landing, and Satoshi ask if that was Ayumi's head. Kuon then tells him that it was just an illusion. After a small discussion they continue their search. During the search they hear a noise coming from a classroom that sounded like Yoshiki. Satoshi enters the classroom, and sees Yoshiki is being strangled by the Anatomical Model. Satoshi then runs over, and knocks the Anatomical Model out with a punch. Naomi and Kuon then enter the classroom to check on Yoshiki. Satoshi then scolds him for disappearing without a trace, and then tells him that he doesn't have to do things on his own. Yoshiki agrees with Satoshi, and they fist-bump on it. Satoshi then asks Yoshiki what the situation was and where Ayumi is.

CHAPTER 06 『 Book of Shadows 』

CHAPTER 08 『 Ties Severed, Ties Mended 』

CHAPTER 09 『 Imperator 』

CHAPTER 10 『 Reparations 』

Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient[edit | edit source]

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient follow

ExChap "Satoshi Mochida Part 1"[edit | edit source]

Satoshi was visiting his sick mother at Amare Patriarcha Crucis hospital, and found himself caught up in the incident. The hospital is filled with guards already, but Satoshi attempts to find out what is happening and where he could leave the building with his mother. During his search, he finds an ID Card in one of the lockers inside the Changing Room. Heading onward he finds a Time Card in front of the operating room. He tries to hide inside the operating room, but it's locked. Luckily he is able to open the door with the ID Card that he had found inside the changing room.

Inside the operating room, he gets a couple of notifications on his phone from Naomi and Yuka about today's dinner and what they heard about the lockdown. The news reports say the lockdown is happening due to security malfunction. The reports are just a coverup, so he tries to call them to explain the situation, but he has no signal. But at least he's relieved knowing that Naomi is safe and sound but concerned at the same time hoping that she won't get into any trouble due to desperation for him. After he couldn't reply he turns off his phone to conserve the battery as much as possible, because it can be useful later. In the operating room, he finds the key to the emergency exit. At the exit, he encounters Seishirou Morishige who had the same idea as him.

Significant plot details end here.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the Corpse Party: Book of Shadows Character Contest, Satoshi ranked 10th place.
  • Satoshi's birthday is on the 4th of July.
  • Satoshi is the only character out of the main five that has not been possessed at all.
  • Satoshi has high pain tolerance.
    • This is seen in Corpse Party: Tortured Souls where Satoshi is able to ignore the pain of having scissors stabbed through his palm to hold back Sachiko.
    • In the same scene, he also is stabbed in the stomach, but is able to stand up and later run around with relative ease.
    • In the Blood Covered manga, he was also stabbed in the arm and later stomach by his own sister, but is able to ignore it and move around easily.
  • Satoshi, while dressed as a female maid during the Culture Festival in the Blood Covered manga, looks feminine enough for people to mistake him for a girl. It is shown that other male students hit on him, but they leave once Ayumi proves to them that Satoshi is indeed male.
  • The only time Satoshi is seen meeting Yuuya during Blood Covered is in the manga, where Satoshi and his group run into the science lab and save Yuka from him.
  • In the series, Satoshi has the most amount of people that are implied to have crushes on him or show interest in him, with a total of 9 people.
    • These people are: Naomi, Ayumi, Miyu, Kuon, who all have have crushes and feelings for him, Yuka, who loves Satoshi more than just a brother, Yui, Tohko, Satsuki, who all had certain types of encounters with him, and Sachiko in the Corpse Party 2U manga.
  • He can be seen on the released cover of the second Dead Patient Drama CD along with Yoshiki, Seiro Sido, and Masato Hiyami, implying that he may play an important role in the future of the game.
  • Satoshi is the only male student that doesn't wear the grey gakuran (which is a part of the Kisaragi Academy uniform).
  • Satoshi is the only one, out of all his classmates, that knows the truth behind Seiko's death told by Naomi.

Sample Voices[edit | edit source]

Corpse Party (PC)[edit | edit source]

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Vol. 2 (#9, EXTRA 2) Vol.3 (#18, #21, #22)
Corpse Party: Sachiko no Ren'ai Yūgi ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U
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Corpse Party: Missing Footage
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Corpse Party: Tortured Souls
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Minor Characters Ayumi ShinozakiKanaKou KibikiMinoru HasegawaNaho SaenokiNaomi Nakashima
NorikoRyou YoshizawaSachiko ShinozakiSatoshi MochidaTokiko TsujiYamazaki
Yoshiki KishinumaYui ShishidoYuka MochidaYuki Kanno
Characters in Corpse Party: Coupling X Anthology
Characters Ayumi ShinozakiEiko MatsunoKai ShimadaKensuke KurosakiKou Kibiki
Mayu SuzumotoMikio TsubotaNaho SaenokiNaomi NakashimaRyou Yoshizawa
Sachiko ShinozakiSakutaro MorishigeSatoshi MochidaSeiko ShinoharaShougo Taguchi
Tokiko TsujiYoshie ShinozakiYoshikazu YanagihoriYoshiki KishinumaYui Shishido
Yuka MochidaYuki KannoYuuya Kizami
Characters in Corpse Party: Tortured Souls
Main Characters Ayumi ShinozakiMayu SuzumotoNaho SaenokiNaomi NakashimaSachiko Shinozaki
Sakutaro MorishigeSatoshi MochidaSeiko ShinoharaYoshiki KishinumaYui Shishido
Yuka MochidaYuuya Kizami
Minor Characters Kou KibikiNatsumi NakashimaRyou YoshizawaTakamine YanagihoriTokiko TsujiYoshie Shinozaki
Yoshikazu YanagihoriYuki Kanno
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