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We can't just stand here quaking in terror. We need to do know? ... We've got to keep our spirits up. After all, it's probably not just the two of us in here.

—Naomi Nakashima, Corpse Party (CHAPTER 1)

Naomi Nakashima

中嶋 直美
(なかしま なおみ)


Nakashima Naomi






158 cm/5' 2"


46.4 kg/102 lbs.

Birth Date

December 14 (Sagittarius)

Blood Type

A type

Bust Size

DD cup


Kisaragi Academy Senior High


High School Student






Children, her mother, and her blankie from when she was a kid.


Crustaceans, ambulance sirens, and the smell of disinfectant from the infirmary.


Cooking and playing the piano.

Future Dream

To be a nurse.


Naoyuki (Father, Deceased)
Natsumi (Mother)

Voices & Actors

JUNCA Amaoto

PSP and/or iOS VA

Rina Satō


Rina Satō

Drama CD VA

Rina Satō

Vita VA

Rina Satō


Rina Satō


Rina Ikoma

Naomi Nakashima (中嶋 直美 Nakashima Naomi?) is a character introduced in CORPSE-PARTY and a major recurring character in the Corpse Party series. She is the main protagonist of the Corpse Party and Corpse Party: Book of Shadows live action movies.

Naomi is a student of Kisaragi Academy Senior High School's classroom 2-9 and one of the five original survivors of Heavenly Host.

She is the daughter of Natsumi Nakashima.


In CORPSE PARTY -Rebuilt-, Naomi has straight black hair, a little above shoulder length and pink eyes with a visible hue of red. She also wears a blue short-sleeved uniform, the collar tied with a red bow, a blue skirt, white socks slightly shorter than knee-height and red shoes.

In Corpse Party, Naomi is a teenage girl of average height and below average build with short, brown hair and brown eyes.

She wears the standard Kisaragi Academy Senior High female uniform consisting of a tan colored sailor outfit with a blue collar, light blue cuffs, yellow ribbon held by a brooch, blue skirt, black knee-high socks and white uwabaki slippers with blue stripes near the soles. Her student ID is pinned to the right of her shirt.

In Corpse Party: Blood Drive, Naomi is seen wearing Kisaragi's winter uniform consisting of a light brown cardigan added over.

In Corpse Party: Missing Footage, Naomi is seen wearing a yellow nightgown, and her hair is darker.

In the Corpse Party live-action movie, Naomi wears the winter uniform of Kisaragi Academy.


Naomi is generally a bright and cheerful, if stubborn, teenage girl. A tomboy, she often feels the need to take charge of everything she is involved with, which usually causes her to butt heads with Satoshi Mochida. This behavior hides a more "girlish" side to her that enjoys shopping and grooming herself like other average girls of her age, which shows itself whenever she plays with her best friend, Seiko Shinohara. She tends to let her emotions control her actions; when stressed, scared, or upset, she is prone to acting like a spoiled brat who whines, throws childish tantrums, and lashes out at everyone around her. However, she is very self-aware of herself during such intervals but has extreme difficulty stopping herself from acting in such an immature manner, which causes her to feel guilty whenever she regains control of herself.



Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for CORPSE-PARTY (PC-98) and CORPSE PARTY -Rebuilt- follow

Naomi is a playable character. As the main magic user in the group, she has the highest MP.

1 30 40 25 10
25 10 120 60 3
Psychic Wave: Deals about 35 damage to an enemy.
Psychic Surge: Deals about 70 damage to an enemy.

Corpse Party

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party (PC), Corpse Party (PSP, iOS) and Corpse Party (3DS) follow


Seiko and Naomi talking in the infirmary.

Naomi stays after school with her class during Kisaragi Academy's cultural festival to listen to Ayumi Shinozaki's ghost stories about Heavenly Host Elementary School. Ayumi decides to perform the Sachiko Ever After charm with her classmates to comfort Mayu Suzumoto over her upcoming school transfer, with Naomi placing her piece of the paper doll they had torn apart inside her student ID holder for safekeeping. Shortly after the ceremony, an earthquake occurs and opens a gaping hole in the floor that Naomi and her classmates fall through. She reawakens to discover that she and Seiko have been trapped inside the long-demolished Heavenly Host. The two search for a way out together, learning about Heavenly Host from the ghosts and documents inside the building, including the school's multidimensional nature and the series of kidnappings and murders that occurred in 1973. Seiko eventually brings her to the school's infirmary to mend her ankle, which she had sprained upon arriving at Heavenly Host.

A black mist appears in the infirmary.

The two then hear Yuka Mochida's voice crying out for her big brother. Seiko leaves Naomi to rest while she goes out to find Yuka. Shortly after Seiko leaves, a black mist traps Naomi inside the infirmary and attacks her, though Naomi is able to escape. Seiko returns, saying she was unable to find Yuka, and tries to comfort Naomi. However, Naomi cracks under the stress that she had accumulated while traveling the school and argues with Seiko, accusing her of not taking their situation seriously and complaining that their parents would surely be burdened with worry over their disappearance. She immediately becomes regretful over her behavior towards Seiko, but their fight causes the two to go their separate ways before she has a chance to apologize.

Naomi quickly returns to the third floor lavatory where she is horrified to discover the hanged Seiko barely alive. Despite her efforts to save Seiko, Naomi is too late to keep her from suffocating to death.


As Naomi sits and stares at the lifeless Seiko, a girl confronts Naomi saying that Seiko may have died from the school. Confused with how the school can kill people, she explains the reason of how it can kill others. After the explanation, she tells Naomi that she's the only living being in the nexus and will die alone before leaving the room. Naomi chases after her but stops by the stairs, only to get a call from her mother.

Although she can hear her voice clearly, her mother cannot hear Naomi and Naomi starts to hear a third party within the call crying for help in a ghastly voice and in panic, throws her cell phone at the staircase. Attempting to grab her phone mid flight, she falls down the stairs and breaks her ankle support, wounding her ankle again. She remembers a moment where Seiko tells her that she is strong but Naomi outright denies it and cries for Satoshi to help her.


Naomi hanging herself.

Naomi is seen again on the same staircase but only as an illusion, after Satoshi hears Seiko's voice telling him to help her for she is "on the verge of snapping." Satoshi finds Naomi in the girls' lavatory proceeding to hang herself within one of the stalls. Desperate to save her, he lifts her onto his shoulders and unties the noose blindly and in a moment of fortune succeeded.

After Naomi is saved, Satoshi asks her about Seiko's whereabouts. In response, Naomi shows Seiko's hanged body that is next to the stall she was in. Satoshi suggests to get her body down and out of the area to which Naomi agrees. After a praying respect for Seiko, Naomi follows alongside Satoshi but collapses at the bottom of the staircase because there was not enough blood getting to her head due to her "attempted suicide." Satoshi decides to place Naomi on the beds in the infirmary to let her rest until she recovers, unaware of the vengeful spirit that lurks within.

During her recovery, Naomi has a dream about Seiko in which she tries to stop her from dying and can choose whether or not to accept Seiko's dying wish.

After her recovery, Naomi is found standing outside the infirmary when Satoshi returns, and she informs Satoshi that the room has a vengeful spirit and asks why he left her. She tells Satoshi about the black mist that attacked her in the room, making Satoshi apologize for leaving her in danger.

Eventually they leave for the ground floor and find an item shifting with the light in classroom 5-A. Satoshi leaves Naomi on the north side of the room as he circles around to the other side in order for the item to warp to Naomi's side for her to catch. The item turns out to be the Custodian's Key.

After leaving the classroom, Satoshi and Naomi proceed to the custodian's room and unlock the door. Upon entering the room, the light goes out and Naomi quickly searches for the light switch. Satoshi notices a video camera linked up to the TV in the room and inserts the tape he found earlier into it but finds out there is no power.

Satoshi and Naomi also find an article left by Kou Kibiki in the room and proceed to examine it. The article itself goes into detail about Sachiko Shinozaki, the events that happened 20 years ago and the mystery surrounding the case.


After reading the article, the room begins to shake violently. Satoshi and Naomi hold each other to stay safe, however a wooden beam falls from the ceiling, hitting Satoshi, knocking him unconscious over Naomi. After the earthquake, Naomi is glad that Satoshi protected her from the falling debris, even though she was concerned that he might of been killed. Suddenly the TV in the room regains power and begins to play the tape Satoshi inserted into the video camera earlier. The tape explains some information about the school, as well as a possible way out. However it is cut short and, at that point, Naomi and Satoshi leave the room.

Upon leaving the room, they find out that the school has undergone a significant change. Before setting out, they explore the area outside the custodian's room before proceeding. Shortly after leaving, they encounter Ayumi and Yoshiki Kishinuma, who they are both glad to see, as the two groups begin relaying information to each other. With the mention of Seiko's death, Naomi becomes upset again but not for very long as the conversation turns towards finding a way out. Both groups have information on possible ways out and decide to get information before deciding on one. However as they depart, Ayumi tells Naomi not too get too close to Satoshi. Naomi was surprised by the comment but says nothing in response.

Naomi heads with Satoshi to the second building, commenting on the walkway entrance being scary, while there they search for Yuka, who was left trapped there after Satoshi was forced into the closed space Naomi was in. On the way through to the stairwell, they encounter Kensuke Kurosaki's heavily flayed body along with Yuka's shoes to the right of him near the door to the entrance. Satoshi grows worried that something bad might have happened to his younger sister but Naomi reassures him that she is still alive and the two of them proceed to the stairwell.

At the stairwell, they find Sakutaro Morishige's cell phone on the ground with a saved conversation. Naomi's curiosity got the better of her as she played the message just as Satoshi warns her about viewing it. The two of them find out that Sakutaro went insane upon learning of Mayu's death and proceeded to break and jump out of a window. Shocked by what they heard, Satoshi suggests finding Yuka quickly and before they both leave, Satoshi picks up his cell phone.

They explore the rest of the second building without any luck finding Yuka, until they return to the entrance where they find her hiding between the shoelockers near the front door. Satoshi and Naomi are relieved that Yuka is okay and well. Satoshi apologizes to Yuka for leaving her alone for so long, when suddenly Yuka drops a mini-DV tape from behind her back and it turns out to be the second part of the tape Satoshi picked up earlier. The three of them decide to head back to the custodian's closet to view the new tape.

The second tape reveals an escape route in order to get out of the school. Unfortunately, it also shows Kou in a state of terror as the sound of a possessed Naho became louder in the background before Kou shouts in agony. Suddenly the video camera breaks and glass flies around the room, narrowly missing Yuka. Naomi and Satoshi realize that the tape was set in the very room they are standing in and proceed to open the closet with caution.

As the tape showed, Kou's remains lied in the closet and, upon closer examination of the room, Naomi spots a hidden passageway at the very back of the room and eventually, the group enters the gap. In the room is a single ladder, Naomi, concerned about where it leads, storms up the ladder without a second thought leaving Satoshi and Yuka behind.

Naomi's concern came true as she finds herself coming out of the same stall in the girls' lavatory on the third floor, where Seiko died. Satoshi enters the room to find Naomi grieving over Seiko's death saying that she must have died hating her. While Satoshi tries to reassure her, Naomi refuses to believe him when suddenly Satoshi decides to pull Seiko's cell phone out of his pocket and show Naomi the message Seiko was unable to send.

Naomi realizes Seiko never hated her and falls to the floor crying when Yuka enters the room and eventually the three of them leave the lavatory. Outside the lavatory, Yuka finds another tape, however Satoshi reminds her that the video camera broke with the last tape so they would not be able to view it. They are all confident they would be able to get out of the school alive as long as they had their piece of the charm paper. Unfortunately, while searching through her pockets, Naomi realizes that her student ID, which contained her piece of the charm paper, had fallen out somewhere along the way and she begins to worry near to the point of crying. Satoshi tells Naomi that they will help her find her student ID but Naomi starts to cry. Satoshi and Yuka say if it came to it, they would stay here with Naomi to make sure she wasn't alone which catches Naomi by surprise and she thanks the two of them. At that point, Ayumi and Yoshiki arrive on the other end of the chasm on the third floor.

The two groups share their information with one another, for Ayumi and Yoshiki they find out about Sakutaro's demise and about the rest of the tape research. While Satoshi, Naomi and Yuka find about Naho's Notebook and its missing pages. Also, at that point, Ayumi hands Naomi back her student ID causing Naomi to become calm. Before the conversation ends, Ayumi hands Satoshi the Baby Statue as the groups split up again.

Warning!: The following content is only available in Corpse Party (PC) and Corpse Party (3DS)

Along the way towards the infirmary, the floor collapses under Naomi, Satoshi, and Yuka. Luckily Satoshi and Yuka fall to a safe place, but Naomi falls into a big pile of insects and worms. The creatures are starting to scramble around Naomi's body which causes her to scream and cry. Satoshi yells to her to get to him quickly. Luckily Naomi manages to reach Satoshi who pulls her out of the pool and cleans her off of insects.

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After the incident, Naomi heads with Satoshi and Yuka to the infirmary, and places both the Marble Statue and the Baby Statue on the correct pedestals, causing the door to open. On the way into the infirmary, Naomi and Yuka fall to the ground as their heads begin to hurt and Satoshi proceeds alone, only to come out a short time later and retrieve the two girls as they head out to the hallway.

Outside, Satoshi reveals that he took the diary of Yoshie Shinozaki from the infirmary, and Naomi and Yuka join him in reading the diary extracts, only to learn of the fate of Yoshie, Sachiko and the extent of her own madness. The principal was also mentioned in the diary as the catalyst to the events surrounding Heavenly Host and, as such, Naomi, Satoshi and Yuka head toward the second building. Along the way, they picked up a Black Cat Plushie lying on the ground just outside the infirmary.

On the way into the second building, Naomi, Satoshi and Yuka witness a frightening scene of the principal jumping from the roof. However, shortly afterwards, Satoshi notices an item where the principal landed but Naomi warns him about leaving her and Yuka alone. Satoshi manages to quickly acquire the item in question and quickly returns to Naomi and Yuka with the item turning out to be the principal's key.

They proceed to the principal's office and unlock the door and, upon entry, are shocked at the sight of multiple charms lining the walls of the office. Upon searching the office, the group finds Sachiko's tongue inside the desk drawer and Satoshi picks it up. Naomi spots a hole in the wall beside the desk, with the group unsure of where it leads. Satoshi heads down the ladder first with Naomi and Yuka following him as the three of them arrive in an abandoned bomb shelter.

Naomi and Yuka follow Satoshi's lead as they pass through a gauntlet of trapped rooms with the aid of several spirits. Eventually they run across cameraman Shougo Taguchi, who is glad to find people who are not dead. However, upon looking at Naomi, he panics and runs away screaming causing Naomi and the others to be confused and puzzled by his reaction.

After navigating a switch maze, the group finds themselves in a dark room, before realizing the heavy stench of blood and suddenly find themselves in the dissection room. After briefly looking around the room, Naomi and the others hear footsteps and Satoshi commands everyone to hide under the table and in due time the person making the footsteps was revealed. The group witnesses a panicked Shougo entering the room as he quickly hides himself inside the cabinet. Moments later Yoshikazu Yanagihori appears, groaning in his trademark fashion. Suddenly Seiko's body drops down to the floor in front of Naomi and the others, causing Naomi to become scared. While Satoshi tries to calm Naomi down, Yoshikazu cuts out Seiko's tongue which causes blood to drip from her mouth. Eventually, Yoshikazu is distracted when he finds Shougo in the cabinet and proceeds to kill him, after which he returns to pick up Seiko's body and leave the room. Naomi, in a fit of rage, chases after Yoshikazu leaving Satoshi and Yuka behind.

The truth behind Seiko's death.

Naomi loses sight of Yoshikazu but continues to follow the path she has chosen, eventually coming to a dead end room containing a TV with another video camera attached to it. Naomi uses the tape she has on her with the video camera and begins to watch the footage. The footage begins with Shougo hearing a scream coming from the third floor. Upon investigation, he finds Yoshikazu, along with Naomi and Seiko, inside the girls' lavatory. It turns out that Naomi's fear of being alone had set in after being separated from Seiko, causing her to become possessed by the malevolent spirits inside the school. While under their control, Naomi put the rope around Seiko's neck. While Seiko cried out to Naomi, it was futile as she kicked the bucket away, hanging her on the spot. Shortly after she leaves the lavatory, she encounters Shougo causing him to run off screaming. After watching the ordeal, Naomi fell to the ground speechless.

Eventually Naomi meets up with the others just in time to perform the reverse charm correctly with them. After the charm is performed, Satoshi asks Naomi where she ran off to, but she tells him that she'll discuss it later. Yuki Kanno then appears before the party telling them to leave immediately as now is their only chance of escape before the school starts to shake violently and a red dress begins to take shape on her.

The group rushes towards the exit, while listening to the bell toll in the distance, as with each ring the air got thicker, until they get to the walkway between the buildings and climb over the fence causing everyone to be whisked back into their reality.

At Kisaragi Academy, the students wake up in the classroom overjoyed at first to be back home, but the sudden realization that some of their friends didn't make it hits them hard. Before leaving, Ayumi wishes for everyone to come to school the next day and to not stay at home. Everyone agrees and departs to their respective homes.

The next day everyone is shocked to realize that those who died in Heavenly Host have been erased from existence and from the minds of everyone, except for them, leaving them the only people to know the friends they lost in the school. Later that day, Naomi calls Satoshi back into the classroom and discuss the truth about Seiko's death. Satoshi was shocked at first but dismissed it because Naomi wasn't herself and therefore wasn't to blame for what happened. Naomi, still believing it's her fault, tells Satoshi what happened after she chased after Yoshikazu.

The scene cuts back to the basement, after Naomi watched the video of Seiko's death, as Naomi falls to the floor screaming at what she has known all along. Suddenly the darkening begins to feed on her negative emotions as black shadows begin to form around her with her guilt causing her to to give in. Suddenly Naomi receives a text message and, upon checking, Naomi realizes it's the unsent message Seiko was planning to send to her. However she still believes Seiko hates her but the message kept being received until the point Naomi realized that Seiko had forgiven her for what happened causing her to break free of the darkening's grasp and proceed to where the others were.

Naomi then begins to question if Seiko ever existed. Satoshi, in a comforting manner, explains that she did and that she was a close friend of theirs, causing Naomi to cry saying that she misses Seiko and that she wants to see her just one last time.

Warning!: The following content is only available in Corpse Party (PSP, iOS) and Corpse Party (3DS)


During Kisaragi's Cultural Festival, Naomi, Ayumi, and Seiko are asked by Yoshiki and Satoshi whether they would like to join them going to a haunted house that the other class is running. Naomi and Seiko cheerfully accept their offer, and when Satoshi asks whether Ayumi would like to join them as well, she politely declines because she has to tend their class' red bean soup shop and tell them to go without her. Naomi then leaves with the group.

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Warning!: The following content is only available in Corpse Party (3DS)


The chapter plays right before Seiko's death. After the fight with Seiko, Naomi is scared and worried. She's looking around for Seiko to apologize. Taguchi sees her as she walks inside Classroom 2-A. Inside the classroom, Sachiko can be seen as she possesses Naomi. Taguchi states that her voice doesn't sound human anymore like it pulled up from the depths of hell, an almost mechanical sound. Then Sachiko disappears, taking Naomi with her.

Exclusive content details end here.

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party: Book of Shadows follow


Naomi angered, throwing different items.

Naomi is seen in the beginning, where her mother is talking with a psychiatrist about Naomi's strange behavior, as she talks about her "imaginary friend", Seiko. As the psychiatrist tells her to support Naomi while she's like this, Natsumi heads up to her room, only to find her standing in a corner. While she tries to comfort Naomi by telling her things like how she found a cute kitty by the pet store, she suddenly asks Naomi "Come on, Naomi. Why are you just standing there? ... Is...someone with you?" Naomi answers her question with a short answer and a quiet voice, she keeps bombing her with questions, telling her that no matter who she asks, nobody seems to know Seiko.

Seiko's face, in Naomi's cell phone.

This makes Naomi go mad, and she commands her mother to leave her alone, as she won't believe anything Naomi tells her about Seiko. Naomi starts to hurt herself and cry, as her mother tries to comfort her, she tells her how Seiko doesn't exist. This makes Naomi even more mad, making her throw different items, while her mother tells her to calm down. Soon, she gets to hold Naomi, as she shouts for her to let her go, she tries to give her some medicine to calm her down. While her mother gives her the medicine, Naomi's cell phone flies somewhere where it opens, showing a picture of Seiko, but with her face blacked out. Before the screen fades, Naomi shouts in anger, "Why won't anyone believe me?!"

Episode #1; 『Seal』

At the beginning of the chapter, Naomi is in her bedroom, thinking about a strange feeling of déjà vu she has. Her worry soon fades as she remembers that today Seiko is coming for a visit and a sleepover for the first time. Seiko and Naomi spend time together, having fun in Naomi's bedroom, lunch with Naomi's mother and a bath. During the bath, Naomi notices that Seiko has a strange red bruise on her neck. Seiko doesn't recall hurting herself, however. Later, the two girls go to sleep. Naomi wonders if her friendship with Seiko is more than that.

The next day, Naomi and Seiko head to school together. After the busy school festival, Naomi stays to clean up their classroom with the other 6 students. Since Mayu is transferring to another school, Ayumi decides to perform the Sachiko Ever After charm to help cheer her up. Satoshi panics and tells the others to stop, but they don't listen. Naomi gets the déjà vu feeling once again. Satoshi, seeing as the others don't intend to stop, joins them and they once again end up in Heavenly Host Elementary School.

Seiko and Naomi's fight

The game skips to the part where Naomi escapes the shadow in the infirmary and has a fight with Seiko. This time, she knows that Seiko is going to hang herself, and she tries to apologize. She starts to cough, however, and Seiko runs off. Naomi tries to pull the thing in her throat out and ends up pulling out long, black strands of hair. Soon, a big earthquake occurs, and Naomi can no longer follow the way Seiko went, so she decides to find another way around. During her exploration of the school, she comes across piano wires so sharp that they could've easily sliced her in pieces if she didn't notice them. Later, on the third floor, in the girls' bathroom, Naomi hears a sound and thinks that it might be Seiko, hanged. With relief on Naomi's side, the bathroom stall in which the noise was heard is empty. After Naomi leaves the stall, the noise continues and she comes back to investigate it. While investigating the stall, she finds a secret passage behind the wall with a long ladder leading down. She descends into the depths hoping to find Seiko and soon finds herself in a small cave. Because of her sprained ankle, Naomi is not able to climb back up no matter how hard she tries. She starts to cry because she believes she won't be able to save Seiko and then a little girl approaches her. The girl tells Naomi that she will help her save her friend, and she accepts.

The darkening dripping from Naomi's skirt

Naomi is somehow transported back to the main building and finally finds Seiko. She apologizes and the two girls settle inside the Custodian's closet, exhausted from the recent events. During their chat, Seiko confesses her love for Naomi, who is stunned and confused by Seiko's confession. Naomi runs away crying, not even sure why she did so. As she stops and tells herself to come back, she hears a water dripping sound. She looks around, but sees no water. Then she realizes that there's a strange liquid dripping from her skirt. Upon inspecting it, she notices that the liquid is black, smooth and viscous. She tries to wipe the liquid on her skirt, but ends up loosing her footing and falling. Suddenly, Naomi starts to feel dizzy and loses consciousness. The last thing she hears before passing out is the little girl, telling her that the only way to save her friend is overcoming fate itself.

Waking up, Naomi notices that she isn't in Heavenly Host anymore. She recognizes her home and enters. However, her field of vision is low and everything around her looks bigger. She hears her father saying that he bought her a cat. She remembers the cat, Mei. When Naomi was young, she'd usually stay home alone with only Mei as her companion. After some time, she started thinking that her parents thought she was happy even when they're away because Mei was here. Because of that, Naomi hurt Mei and she ran away from home. Snapping back from the memory, Naomi hears the voice of her mother and tries following it. She then comes across Seiko and apologizes, but Seiko doesn't reply. Naomi is unable to see Seiko's face because the room is covered in darkness and calls her to come a little closer. Even after Naomi approaches Seiko, she still can't see her face. She realizes that Seiko is not moving and is very cold. Naomi starts to question the place she is in and finally realizes that this is not reality. The little girl from before comes out of Seiko's shadow, imitating Seiko and asking Naomi why she left her all alone. She then approaches Naomi and asks her if she wants to save her friends no matter the cost. Naomi doesn't answer the question and instead asks the girl what she is, to which she replies that she is the one who controls the fate of this world. She continues explaining how this isn't the first time Naomi has gone through these events.

Naomi then wakes up and finds herself standing in the hallway of the third floor of the school building. She questions when she got here and how long has she been here and sees puddles of black as she looks down below her. She decides to find Seiko, as she has no time to waste. She wonders if Seiko is still in the custodian's room, but then hears a sound coming from the bathroom. She enters the room to find Seiko hanging in a stall. Naomi quickly tries to find a way to save her. She thinks of using a bucket laying outside, but remembers that it is rusted and using it will only make Naomi fall and break Seiko's neck. Seiko continues to wildly struggle and squirm for air, as Naomi swears that she's going to save her. She remembers that trying to lift her won't help either, but finally an idea sparks. Naomi hoists Seiko up her shoulders and loosens the rope. Although she's happy to change Seiko's destiny, she finds it strange that she cannot remember anything further.

Naomi finding Seiko's corpse.

Naomi unties the knot on the rope and lets Seiko rest a bit. She asks Seiko why she tried to hang herself and tells her that she was very worried about her. She decides that she will never leave her alone again. However, as soon as Seiko spots Naomi, she screams, to Naomi's surprise. Seiko runs away in fear, leaving Naomi confused. Naomi chases Seiko, who turns down the stairway. She hears a slump and slowly approaches the stairway. There she finds Seiko with her head cut off by a piano wire. The little girl in a red dress appears and laughs at the dead body. She mocks Naomi asking her if she really thought she could save her friend. She explains that once someone's fate passes through Heavenly Host's halls, it is locked in place forever and that the death will only become worse and worse every time.

Naomi holding Seiko's severed head

She says that she'll gladly remove all of Naomi's painful memories, as it isn't her first time here. The girl then proceeds to lick Seiko's blood and mimics Naomi's scream, laughing insanely. Naomi hugs Seiko's severed head and blames herself for everything. Her tears water down Seiko's face, who's eyes wouldn't close. Naomi wonders what thoughts are going through Seiko's mind and why she ran away from her. She begs Seiko to answer her, but nothing happens. On the brink of despair, Naomi angrily asks why they have to be put through this hell.

Corpse Party: Blood Drive

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party: Blood Drive follow

CHAPTER 00 『 A Faint Light 』

During the Book of Shadows incident, Ayumi critically wounded due to the black magic that she and Naomi used to revive their friends. Naomi was injured a little bit too, but luckily she was in a way better condition than Ayumi, so she could carry her out from the crumbling Shinozaki estate and take her to the hospital saving her life.

After two months of hospitalization, Ayumi leaves the hospital, and the next day she returns to Kisaragi Academy. Naomi, Satoshi, Yoshiki, and Yuka greet her. Naomi congratulates to Ayumi on her recovery. Ayumi starts sobbing, and Naomi hugs her to calm her down.

The next day afternoon, Naomi notices something wrong with Ayumi seeing her really depressed, mentally, and physically tired. In Ayumi's point of view, the same was true in Naomi's case. Naomi asks her if she's alright, but Ayumi forces a smile and says she won't cause any trouble for her friends anymore, believing she's responsible for everything that happened in Heavenly Host. Naomi doesn't understand the meaning of this statement, but Ayumi couldn't bring herself to answer to her and leaves the classroom, leaving Naomi with a lot of concern for her. A few moments later, Satoshi and Yoshiki appear. Satoshi seeing the concern on Naomi's face asks her what's wrong. Naomi replies to him that Ayumi is really hard on herself, and they all should support her a little bit more. Satoshi says that the same goes for Naomi. Naomi replies that they are all suffering, and they all need to be strong for another after the events of Heavenly Host and hopes Ayumi doesn't do anything drastic.

Naomi, Satoshi, and Yoshiki around Ayumi

The same day, Ayumi heads toward Makina Shinozaki's residence to try fulfilling "Hinoe's last request" without involving her friends, but when Makina's ghost appears before her she tries to escape, but Makina's ghost seems to corner her with no way to escape. In the end, Satoshi, Naomi, and Yoshiki came to her rescue with the help of Aiko Niwa who showed them the way to Makina's residence. Naomi starts to tear up worrying about Ayumi's condition, but she relieves after it turned out Ayumi was alright.

CHAPTER 03 『 Pain 』

Naomi still feels very depressed about the deaths of their friends, particularly regards to Seiko. Satoshi sees the sour expression on her face and asks her if she's alright. Naomi tries to calm him down, not to worry about her, and tells him that she's okay and thanks to him for the support. In reality, she still fights with her demons. Naomi can't accept the fact that nobody remembers to Seiko despite her friends, not even her own mother. Naomi is afraid of the fading of her memories. She tried to draw Seiko in her notebook a couple of times to remember her, but it all failed, causing her to cry loudly. She opens a shadowed photo of Seiko on her phone and she tries to increase the brightness on the picture. When she does that she sees the name of Sachi on Seiko's face.

Naomi's cursed eye

Suddenly the letters attached to Naomi's eyes causing her a lot of pain and blurred vision. Naomi's mother burst into the room, but she was more annoyed than concerned. Naomi tells her that her left eye is in pain. Her left eye was full of tears and bloodshot and in the middle Sachi's name can be seen. Seeing this Naomi's mother ran out of the room in shock and left Naomi alone in pain. Naomi lost consciousness due to exhaustion and when she woke up she tried to find out where her mother went to. She found her mother in the kitchen sharpening a knife. The sight of this caused fear of death in her and slowly and silently she sneaked out and fled from home.

Naomi on the roof

The next day Satoshi and Mrs. Kuon caught a glimpse of a tired and worn Naomi, standing on the wrong side of the guard rail on the roof of the school. Fearing she commits suicide, Satoshi and Kuon ran to the roof, but in reality, Naomi just wanted to remember the time that she and Seiko spent together on the roof every day and how much she misses her. When Satoshi and Kuon reached the roof Naomi reassures them it was just a misunderstanding, she has no intention of killing herself. Kuon sees what happened to Naomi's eye, asking her if it was caused by a curse. Kuon gives eyedrops and an eyepatch to Naomi and suggests her to go home, and Satoshi says he'll accompany her. But Naomi starts freaking out telling them she doesn't want to go home. Seeing Naomi's appearance Kuon asks her if she ran away from home. In reply, she starts crying, telling them she is afraid of being home because of her mother. Because of this Kuon invites Naomi to her faculty place, which she accepts. Before they are leaving, Satoshi worryingly says to Naomi that he hopes she will be better.

CHAPTER 04 『 Pillars of the Six Demons 』

Yuka sitting on Naomi's lap

After Satoshi couldn't find the whereabouts of Yoshiki and Ayumi he goes home worryingly. Satoshi notices several people in sunglasses and black suits standing outside of his house and wonders why there are bodyguards around his house. Entering the house he is surprisingly greeted by Kuon and Naomi. Kuon tells Satoshi that she thought it would be more beneficial for Naomi's condition to spend more time with Satoshi, due to their close bond that they have together. Naomi has a really fun time playing with Yuka in the meantime. She seems to be the happiest in recent months acknowledged by Satoshi.

After dinner, Naomi and Kuon return to Kuon's house. But later that night, Naomi and Satoshi are talking on the phone. Satoshi asks her if she's alright and Naomi replies yes, saying that Kuon is very kind to her. But in the meantime, both of them feel guilt towards Yui, due to the spending time with Kuon. Naomi changes the subject to Yoshiki and Ayumi. Satoshi says that he couldn't get in touch with either one. He promises to visit Yoshiki's apartment tomorrow morning, and Naomi replies by saying she'll go by Ayumi's house as well. Satoshi says it's getting late and Naomi should get some rest, so they say goodbye to each other and hang up the call.

The next day, Naomi meets with Satoshi at school and confirm that both Ayumi and Yoshiki have disappeared. As they try to figure out where they have gone, as Heavenly Host was supposedly destroyed, they notice a black sphere in the sky. As their homeroom teacher, Mr. Yamazaki walks in telling them to return to their places, Satoshi asks him about the black sphere, and he also sees it. Naomi and Satoshi share a look, and they agree that the atmosphere has changed. It doesn't feel like the classroom they're used to, but the chilling presence of Heavenly Host. After school, the two go to Paulownia academy to search for any clues to Yoshiki, Ayumi, or Aiko's whereabouts. They meet a girl named Mio Yuzuki who tells them between sobs that they've all disappeared. After learning that Aiko appeared strangely agitated by something a few days ago, they promise to share anything new they've found with her before leaving Paulownia. On the way home the two try to do the Sachiko Ever After ritual again, but nothing happens, thinking that this was a sign that the curse of Heavenly Host, without Sachiko and Yoshie, was truly over. Satoshi glancing over Naomi saw the sour expression on her face knowing she doesn't want to go home. He asks if she'll stay with Kuon tonight as well and she replies yes. Satoshi then asks if she would like to come over to his house again to cheer her up, also saying that Yuka and her mother are really taking a liking of Naomi. Naomi's sour expression instantly disappears and happily accepts the invitation. During the walk to Satoshi's house, Naomi sees her mother hugging with a young shaved headed man, who wears a weird insignia on his back, causing her to worry. Satoshi sees that something wrong, but Naomi denies it and they walk onward to Satoshi's home.

When they arrive, they see bamboo wall surround the entirety of the house. Neither of them knows what's happening, so they go inside. Naomi and Satoshi upon entering they see a naked Yuka who greets them kindly and pulls them to the hot spring where they find Satsuki. Satoshi isn't able to process the many changes and information so Naomi gets a hold of him in the case if he would faint. Immediately afterward, Kuon pops up and tells that she was the one who had the hot spring built using the engineering team of her company. After demanding to know what in the world made her do that, his mother pops up in a towel and a basket of drinks and greets Naomi gladly. Satoshi's mother ignores his questions and comes up with an idea of a group photo as a commemoration of the Mochida Hot Spring's establishment. Naomi and Satoshi were forced into the frame as well but neither of them knew how to react to it. After dinner, Naomi returns to Kuon's place.

CHAPTER 05 『 Breakdown 』

Old man crawling up the stairs on all fours.

Naomi and Satoshi are walking on a small bridge, wondering about the suicides and missing person reports that have occurred in the past few days, and also about Yoshiki and Ayumi's whereabouts. Satoshi suggests that maybe they can find some clue in Aiko's apartment but they are unable to get in touch with Kuon to get permission for it.

Because they can't do much, Naomi suggests that they should go back to Satoshi's, but at that moment Satoshi notices a bloody old man climbing the stairs and suggests that they should go. Satoshi tells Naomi to stay close to him, and they start to run together. They try to escape, but they see that the routes are blocked by dark spirits. They are about to be attacked by the old man but at the last moment, Kuon shows up and saves them both. After that, Kuon tells them everything that she has found out of the Nirvana. Naomi and Satoshi prepare for the travel. Despite Naomi is scared of going home, she has to. Strangely she didn't find her mother home, only a note which makes her concerned.

After Satoshi arrives at the meeting place he sees the sour expression on Naomi's face and wants to be sure about her condition. Naomi gives him a comforting smile and they exchange a few words. Kuon shows the two students the Everafter Stones that she managed to repair from the fragmented pieces and then they teleport to Heavenly Host. Naomi and Satoshi wake up in the second building of Heavenly Host next to each other, but Kuon isn't with them. Naomi suggests that they should go out and look for her, but the entire place is really dark. But luckily Satoshi prepared for this and brought a big lamp with him. Naomi finds his preparedness cute while thinking about how much she likes being with Satoshi, hoping that he will never leave her side. They both later find Kuon behind a pile of chairs and manage to reach her. After finding Kuon, they head out in search of Aiko, Yoshiki, and Ayumi.

When they reach the landing of a staircase they find a shadow thinking it's a person. Naomi starts to yell hoping that it's Ayumi or Yoshiki. Kuon asks them if they could stop for a second cause she doesn't feel well, starting to vomit. Satoshi asks her if there might be a spirit nearby since according to Ayumi they 'cause you to have a chill run through your body and makes it feel like your stomach is imploding. At the end of the sentence Sachi Shinozaki appears before them but only Kuon can see her. Satoshi was right, but Kuon tries to stay calm. Despite this, she doesn't mention the appearance of Sachi. Then Kuon warns Naomi and Satoshi to be careful because the dark spirits could easily toy with their minds. After hearing this they continue their search.

As they're searching they hear Ayumi's voice coming from a classroom, which asks Kuon to go home. They find the source of the sound and Kuon enters the room first and sees what appears to be Ayumi's head. Kuon feels it is a trap. Satoshi comes up to the doorway and asks her if something is wrong. Kuon then asks Satoshi to not come into the room. Satoshi does what she says, and goes back to Naomi. A moment later Satoshi notices a small shadow that appears in front of him, and immediately realizes it's about to swing an axe. Sachi appears behind him and tries to hit him. Satoshi then immediately ducks, causing Sachi to miss. Sachi disappears, and Satoshi looks behind him and notices a broken window and questions what happened. Naomi is very afraid that Satoshi is injured and asks him if he's alright and he replies by saying yes. They wonder what happened, but then Kuon runs out of the classroom and grabs Satoshi and Naomi's hands, and tells them to run. They run to a staircase landing, and Satoshi asks if that was Ayumi's head. Kuon then tells him that it was just an illusion and assures them that it wasn't real Ayumi. Then they continue their search.

During the search, they hear a noise coming from a classroom that sounds like Yoshiki's. Satoshi enters the classroom and sees Yoshiki is being strangled by the Anatomical Model. Satoshi runs over them and knocks out the Anatomical Model, saving Yoshiki's life. Naomi and Kuon enter the classroom, Satoshi then scolds Yoshiki for disappearing without a trace and then tells him that he doesn't have to do things on his own. Satoshi asks about the current situation and the whereabouts of Ayumi. Yoshiki tells them that he chased Magari because she stole something from them and as a result, he got separated from Ayumi. Naomi scolds him for leaving Ayumi to herself then Yoshiki replies saying he had to because without Magari's Ever After Stones they can't go back. Satoshi assures him not to worry because they have Kuon's stones, so they can go back. After the discussion, Kuon suggests that they should go onward.

CHAPTER 06 『 Book of Shadows』

After Ayumi gathered all of the pillars, creating the Kabbalah Dogra, the Nirvana started merging together with the real world. Misuto created a new Book of Shadows, and the breakdown of the walls between the dimensions has begun. Along the way into the second building Naomi, Satoshi, Kuon, and Yoshiki see the cracks on the sky and the real world through them. They realize that they were inside the black sphere all along. They see something shines at the top of the bell tower so they go to see what is happening there. Ayumi tries to stop Misuto using his fake Book of Shadows, so due to this he tries to kill her, but in the last moment, Yoshiki appears in front of them, protecting Ayumi from Misuto. Naomi, Satoshi, and Kuon also appear. Misuto pushes Yoshiki and Satoshi away that are trying to protect Ayumi. Suddenly the seventh pillar, the Sephirot of Knowledge appears out of the ground. Misuto starts to use his new Book of Shadows to destroy the manifestation of Heavenly Host, and breaking down the walls between the Nirvana and the real world completely. Aiko tries to interfere which causes her demise and Misuto finishes what he started. Kuon, while crying due to her loss, states that the school will crumble, but her EverAfter Stones haven't recharged yet, so they surely won't make it. Kuon senses the presence of Sachiko, who possessed Ayumi. Kuon holds Ayumi with responsibility due to her naivety and tells her that she can survive her fate with the help of Sachiko, so if she feels guilty then she has to live on, watching over the world and protecting it. If she chooses death she's simply just giving up. Sachiko, in the end, rescues Ayumi. Yoshiki and Kuon are watching her ascending, while Satoshi protects Naomi from the falling debris with his body. Then the school crumbles below them.

CHAPTER 07 『 Determination』

After the destruction of Heavenly Host, we can see Naomi alongside her other classmates on Ayumi's phone, but her face is blacked out, which means that she died in the destruction alongside with Satoshi, Yoshiki, and Kuon. After Ayumi found the real Book of Shadows inside her body and manages to use it successfully, she travels back to the black sphere. Under the wreckage of Heavenly Host Naomi, Satoshi, Kuon, and Yoshiki's body can be seen. But Sachiko uses the fact loop spell, giving Naomi, Satoshi, Yoshiki, Aiko, and Kuon a second chance for survival.

CHAPTER 08 『 Ties Severed, Ties Mended 』

After the Fact Loop, Ayumi was able to prevent the activation of the Seventh Pillar and the demise of Naomi, Satoshi, Yoshiki, Kuon, and Aiko, and also devoured the fake Book of Shadows by using the real one. But the merging process didn't stop entirely, due to the core of the Nirvana. Musuto tells them that the core of the Nirvana will activate the Seventh Pillar with or without his intervention. The Book of Shadows is not entirely completed without the core. His only plan was to gain control over the core, so he can rule the Nirvana. Ayumi tells him that she will complete it and confront the core. Ayumi tells his friends to go back to the real world, she will deal with this problem alone. But everybody insists to stay and help to her. Suddenly Sachi appears next to Naomi, but she is the only one who's able to see her. Sachi suddenly jumps off the Bell Tower. The others don't understand what is wrong with Naomi, which makes Satoshi very concerned. Suddenly a vision flashes into Naomi's mind about Sachi, as if she were seeing through her eyes. She sees Sachi going into the Bomb Shelter and she also hears Yuka's voice, crying out for Satoshi to help. Satoshi tries to wake Naomi up from her vision and after she came back from it she tells them what did she see through her cursed eye. Naomi tells Satoshi that she heard Yuka's voice in the underground bomb shelter. Satoshi doesn't' understand how Yuka got here. Misuto tells him that he was the one who brought her here so he can use her as a water conveyance for the Nirvana's core, to complete his Book of Shadows. Satoshi runs off to save Yuka. Naomi, Kuon, and Yoshiki run after him to help.

CHAPTER 09 『 Imperator 』

Naomi, Satoshi, Kuon, and Yoshiki went inside the underground bomb shelter, but that changed entirely. It isn't a bomb shelter anymore but a medieval torture chamber with devices, traps, and a lot of corpses. In front of the solitary confinement room, Sachi suddenly appears behind the group laughing but when they turn around she instantly disappears. Suddenly the door opens for them. Satoshi asks Naomi if she saw any new visions, but she replies by no. Satoshi tells her to stay close to him, so if something happens he can protect her. She replies by saying "She will", but she also wants to be sure about Satoshi's well-being. Satoshi walks inside to the room and he finds Yuka. But something's wrong. She is standing and smiling with a blank look in her eyes. Naomi, Yoshiki, and Kuon all enter the room when they hear that Yuka is in there. As Yuka is not moving, Yoshiki puts Yuka on Satoshi's back, so he can carry her. They all leave the room, but suddenly the walls are moving in on them. They run to escape and take cover inside another room in the basement.

As they are figuring out what to do next, Naomi finds a Sharp Rock on the ground. Yoshiki finds a hole on the top of the wall. It seems to be the only exist, but they are unable to reach it. Suddenly, Yuka makes a cackling laugh, sounding just like Sachi Shinozaki. Naomi's eye begins to hurt again and she gets a vision through her cursed eye that shows Sachi's viewpoint. This time, it's looking over Satoshi's shoulder. It turns out Sachi possessed Yuka. Yuka's eyes have gone completely black, as it is revealed she is possessed by Sachi. Sachi begins talking through Yuka, explaining how she is Sachiko Shinozaki's older twin sister but died in the womb and Sachiko absorbed her. Sachi had tried possessing others, but Yuka is the only one who doesn't break with her inside. Sachi proves her ability by forcing Yuka to urinate. She also says that one of her "first times" will be a sibling murder, and she begins to strangle Satoshi. The others try to stop her, without much luck. Naomi screamingly asks Sachi to spare him. However, Yuka uses the spiritual power of her own and slowly attempts to stop Sachi from killing him. Naomi says that Satoshi won't make it if it takes any longer. All of a sudden Naomi stabs herself in the eye with the sharp rock that she found. Seemingly it has an effect on Sachi, causing her eye to fall out from her socket and also momentarily releases Yuka from her possession. Kuon scolds Naomi for doing this to herself. However Naomi doesn't care about her eye, she only concerned about Satoshi. Yoshiki assures her that Satoshi and Yuka are fine too. But after a moment, Sachi forces Yuka to begin choking herself. The others try to stop it. Sachi's spiritual form suddenly reappears and tries to steal Kuon's Everafter Stones. But Kuon sees this and pushes her away. Yuka then passes out and falls dead silent. After this, Satoshi, gasping for air, draws his attention worryingly to Naomi. Naomi tells him not to worry because if that's what it takes to save him, it's a small price then. Kuon examines Naomi's eye. Luckily, Naomi didn't damage her cornea, so she will be able to see with her eye again, which calms down Satoshi. Sachi reappears again in her usual form, but Ms. Kuon crushes and swallows the baby teeth that were Sachi's only link to the physical world. She then disappears for good. Suddenly the exit cames down of the wall, so Yoshiki carries Yuka out of the room through a hole in the wall, while Satoshi helps Naomi in coordination.

CHAPTER 10 『 Reparations 』

Naomi and the others were able to reach the base of the Bell Tower. As soon as they got there enormous explosions happened due to the seventh pillar. Satoshi carries Naomi on his back to the top of the bell tower, where they find Magari and Satsuki. The Seventh Pillar is about to activate, but neither Magari nor Kuon can use their Ever After Stones because they are broke. Kuon after some deep conversation with Naomi, Satoshi, and Yoshiki, decides to sacrifice herself to destroy the seventh pillar with the use of Sachi's power. And also it turns out Kuon is about to die anyway in the next couple of seconds, according to her Life Clock. They say their last goodbyes and they leave the area but the resulting explosion of the seventh pillar causes Naomi, Satoshi, Magari, Yoshiki, Satsuki, and Yuka to fall down and land on a pile of floorboards, in the core of the Nirvana. Later Naomi and the others see Ayumi as she enters the core of the Nirvana. After Ayumi was able to appease the Queen, she returns to her friends victoriously. She mentions that in order to restore the existence of their dead friends and to clear the Nirvana out of the real world, she will seal it inside of her just like Sachiko did years ago before she died. Because her spiritual power is far inferior to Sachiko's, she will lose her existence as a price. Everyone desperately begs Ayumi not to go through with it, because they can't accept this. The book tells her that she can easily keep the Nirvana intact and take over the guardian role of it like the past Shinozaki's did, but Ayumi wants to put a stop to this all at once and not leave the burden to the next generation.

Ayumi tells them that there is a hole at the school's entranceway which leads back to the real world. The others aren't able to change her mind, so they have to

The photo of Naomi's classmates on her desk, without Yoshiki and Ayumi.

run without her. During the escape, Naomi, still on Satoshi's back, sees Yoshiki's emotionless face and asks him what's wrong. Yoshiki starts questioning the situation. He seems to be caught in a loop of doubt and he's trying to work through something in his mind. Satoshi tells him to hurry, but instead of this he comes up with a plan and ditches his friends and runs back to the core. The ceiling collapses in front of them which prevents them to follow him, so they have to leave.

In the Epilogue, we are in Naomi's room, and we can see a photo of her classmates without black marks, but also without Ayumi and Yoshiki. Next to the photo of her classmates, another photo stands on her desk which was taken at Satoshi's house in the Hotspring. Naomi's Mom tells her that the food is ready and Naomi replies by saying she's coming. It seems that their relationship is back on track. Naomi leaves her room and the credits roll.

Significant plot details end here.


Satoshi Mochida

Naomi's childhood friend. Satoshi has been in the same class and by her side since middle school. She's usually gets controlling around him, which causes her to butt heads with him quite regularly. But in reality, she's really concerned with his happiness and well being just as Satoshi always concerned about hers. She keeps him close to herself and she finds his meek behavior cute and it seems to arouse her maternal instincts, but his occasionally charismatic moments make her feel safe knowing she can always rely on him. She has feelings for him but she is afraid to confess. She occasionally feels jealous of the other girls around Satoshi. She regularly talks about him to her mother clarifying in her mother's eye her feelings for him. After the events of Heavenly Host, Satoshi is her main bastion, who's really concerned about Naomi's condition and tries to help her in every way he can.

Seiko Shinohara

Naomi's best friend. The two live close to each other and walk to school every day together. Both of them lost one of their parents, due to this both of them can relate to each other. Usually, they're spending their free time together with shopping and talking about their dreams. Seiko is secretly in love with Naomi, and Seiko gets quite physical sometimes with her by touching her breasts or butt. From an outside observer's point of view, their relationship looks like more than just friendship. However, Naomi sees these situations natural, and nothing more than just fooling around, and she doesn’t see Seiko more than a friend and is unable to reciprocate her feelings. She keeps her close, saying such a friend only occurs once in a lifetime.

Yuka Mochida

Satoshi's little sister. Naomi first met her on the same day, when she and her friends performed the Sachiko Ever After, before that she didn't know about her existence. She is friends with her since the events of Heavenly Host, Yuka seeing Naomi as her big sister. Yuka knows quite much about Naomi, due to his brother who talks about her all the time at home.


  • In the Corpse Party: Book of Shadows Character Contest, Naomi ranked 8th place.
  • Naomi is one of the only five characters to appear in every main chapter of Blood Covered, along with Yoshiki, Seiko, Mayu, and Sachiko.
  • Canonically, Naomi is the only known character who darkened but came back from it and survived.
  • Based on the second volume of the Dead Patient Drama CD, Naomi is now a college student learning to become a teacher.
  • In the Book of Shadows live action movie, Naomi is the only Kisaragi student to survive Heavenly Host. However, her fate is left unknown after she returned.
  • Interestingly, in the first Blood Drive opening, we can see Naomi with Yuka sitting on her lap, just like in the game. But the difference is that Naomi has no eye patch and her eye isn't cursed either. The reason behind this is currently unknown.

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Minor Characters Kaori HasegawaMiho MochidaNaho SaenokiNatsumi Nakashima (mentioned) ● Principal
Shiho HasegawaTeacherYoshie ShinozakiYuika
Characters in Corpse Party: Another Child
Main Characters Erina YuzukiMayuri YoshimuraMiyako HayakawaSaki AkagiriShinichi Yanagihara
Tamaki MinaseYuma OkitaYuuma Shindou
Minor Characters Ayumi ShinozakiKanaKou KibikiMinoru HasegawaNaho SaenokiNaomi Nakashima
NorikoRyou YoshizawaSachiko ShinozakiSatoshi MochidaTokiko TsujiYamazaki
Yoshiki KishinumaYui ShishidoYuka MochidaYuki Kanno
Characters in Corpse Party: Coupling X Anthology
Characters Ayumi ShinozakiEiko MatsunoKai ShimadaKensuke KurosakiKou Kibiki
Mayu SuzumotoMikio TsubotaNaho SaenokiNaomi NakashimaRyou Yoshizawa
Sachiko ShinozakiSakutaro MorishigeSatoshi MochidaSeiko ShinoharaShougo Taguchi
Tokiko TsujiYoshie ShinozakiYoshikazu YanagihoriYoshiki KishinumaYui Shishido
Yuka MochidaYuki KannoYuuya Kizami
Characters in Corpse Party: Blood Drive
Main Characters Aiko NiwaAyumi ShinozakiHaruyuki InumaruKuon NiwaMagari MizukiMisuto KiriyaNaomi NakashimaSachi ShinozakiSatoshi MochidaSatsuki MizuharaYoshiki KishinumaYuka Mochida
Minor Characters Azusa TakaiEmi UrabeHajime YamazakiHinoe ShinozakiKai ShimadaKensuke Kurosaki
Kentaro OshioMakina ShinozakiMasato FukuroiMayu SuzumotoMiki KishinumaMio Yuzuki
Mirai YamamuraMiho MochidaMitsuki YamamotoNaho SaenokiNatsumi NakashimaQueen
Ran KobayashiRin SakumaRyosuke KatayamaSachiko ShinozakiSakutaro MorishigeSayaka OoueSeiji ShinozakiSeiko ShinoharaShougo TaguchiTakuma ShimizuTohko KirisakiTomohiro OhkawaToshihisa GotoWaldo MizukiYoshie ShinozakiYui ShishidoYuki KannoYuuya Kizami