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I'll come back after I find a way you can trust me again.

—Miku Sensu, Corpse Party CEMETERY0 ~Kaibyaku no Ars Moriendi~ (FILE #07: Best Friend)

Miku Sensu
Miku Sensu Profile Cemetary0Manga

占栖 美久
(せんす みく)


Sensu Miku




Tendo Girls' Senior High School


High School Student


10th grade





Cause of Death

Shock from removal of organs

Voices & Actors

Miku Sensu (占栖 美久 Sensu Miku?) is a major character introduced in Corpse Party CEMETERY0 ~Kaibyaku no Ars Moriendi~, a student of Tendo Girls' High School's classroom 1-3 and one of the people who called for Naho Saenoki's help after getting involved in the incident.


Miku has long dark blue hair, tied into a long ponytail, and blue eyes. Miku is wearing the Tendo Girls' school uniform consisting of a beige thigh-high sailor dress with a brown trim and red ribbon. In addition to her uniform, she wears a blue cardigan, knee-high black socks, and white shoes. In the majority of the story, Miku wears a robe with a big hood.


Miku is an outwardly energetic and positive girl, often playing the straight man to Shiori's and Akari's antics. She's scared by Akari's ghost stories, quite often resulting in Shiori making fun of her, which leads to even more banter. Miku also suffers from trust issues with others due to an incident that occurred during her middle school years.


Corpse Party CEMETERY0 ~Kaibyaku no Ars Moriendi~


Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party Cemetery0 and Corpse Party CEMETERY0 ~Kaibyaku no Ars Moriendi~ follow


FILE #02: Friends

The chapter starts with Akari and Miku meeting up with Naho. Akari starts telling her how they, along with Shiori were putting P.E. equipment away when she started telling them a creepy story about the website for suicides. The girls laughed it off, but soon after Akari finds out that Shiori went missing and her computer screen is acting weird. Naho tells them that she will definitely investigate it.

FILE #03: Nightmare

The file reveals more about Miku's past: She was proposed to by a boy, who she rejected because of how sudden it was and her general uncertainty towards being in a relationship. Soon after, Miku became the target of concentrated cyber bullying. The boy who proposed to her then came to console her, and said it was his fault that all of this had happened. The two became a couple and although the cyber bullying continued Miku continued trying to be positive and nice to those around her.

One day, she visited her boy friend's class and overheard the following conversation, which revealed that the boy who proposed to her was the one who had started the cyber bullying attacks and was continuing them even while the two were dating. This has lead to the destruction of Miku's ability to trust other people, and she occasionally even sends messages to Akari asking her if she really thinks of her as a friend.

FILE #05: Investigation at the Scene

Miku appears in the beginning of the file, entering the classroom and giving Akari two candies. She notes that it cures insomnia and works like a "good luck charm" before leaving.

FILE #07: Best Friend

Naho chases down the hooded figure and fights it. After blocking one of the attacks, her hood falls off and it's revealed that it's Miku who was troubling Akari for the last week. Naho then figures out that she was the one that put Shiori's name in the website. Akari runs after the two and starts persuading Miku into stopping her attack. This buys Naho time to remove the entity balls from her.

FILE #09: Consideration

At the end of the file it is revealed that Miku's corpse was found at the train station, with her insides missing.

FILE #12: Pomegranate

Akari gets the message on her phone which she is hesitant to see at first, thinking it's dangerous. She sees that it's from Miku and that is was sent immediately before her death, so she opens it. The file shows Miku's final moments, getting captured by Martuba's Tomb and killed on Akari's bed.


Significant plot details end here.



  • The name Miku means "beautiful" (美) (mi) and "long time" (久) (ku).
  • Miku's surname Sensu means "fortune-telling" (占) (sen) and "nest, rookery, hive, cobweb, den" (栖) (su).


  • The reason why Miku wrote down Shiori's name in the website was because she thought that she stole her boyfriend from him, which wasn't true: Shiori did not know that the boy she was seeing was Miku's ex-boyfriend.
    • Another reason was because Miku did not expect the website to actually work and kill Shiori.


Corpse Party CEMETERY0 ~Kaibyaku no Ars Moriendi~


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