Kisaragi Academy (如月学園 Kisaragi Gakuen?, lit. "February Academy") is the school where most of the main characters of Corpse Party series attend. It consists of two institutions, Kisaragi Academy Senior High (如月学園高等部 Kisaragi Gakuen Kōtōbu?, lit. "February Academy Senior High School") and Kisaragi Academy Junior High School (如月学園中等部 Kisaragi Gakuen Chūtōbu?, lit. "February Academy Junior High School").

In the original PC-98 version of CORPSE-PARTY and CORPSE-PARTY ZERO, it was built atop (Kisaragi Academy's) Old Schoolhouse ((如月学園の)旧校舎 (Kisaragi Gakuen no) Kyūkōsha?, lit. "(February Academy's) Old Schoolhouse"). In Corpseparty; Musume, it was originally the Kisaragi Academy Girls' School (如月学園女子校 Kisaragi Gakuen Joshikō?, lit. "February Academy Girls' School"). In the current series, the school stands at the same area where Heavenly Host Elementary School once stood.

School Emblem

Schoolbadge kisaragi

Kisaragi Academy High School emblem.

"Kisaragi" corresponds to February, the second month of the year in the Lunar calendar. The school's emblem shows a motif of plum blossoms that bloom in February. The flower's blossom symbolizes "hope," the bud represents "patience," and the branch stands for "bonds." The badge's ribbon is blue for high school, red for junior high school, and grey for the P.E. uniform.

Members (Past)


  • Unnamed Principal (CORPSE-PARTY and Corpseparty; Musume only)
  • Unnamed School Nurse
  • Unnamed Teacher (CORPSE-PARTY and Corpseparty; Musume only)

Senior High School Students

  • Kanna (冠那 Kanna?) (Class 3-4)
  • Masako (真菜子 Masako?) (Class 3-4)
  • Tomoe (智絵 Tomoe?) (Class 3-4)
  • Tsukasa Mikuni (Class 3-7)
  • Yui Shishido (Class 3-4)

Members (Present)


Senior High School Students

Junior High School Students

Heavenly Host Victims


  • The flower on the emblem is the Prunus mume, more commonly known as Chinese plum and Japanese apricot.
  • The dean, Makoto Kedouin, is named after the original creator of the Corpse Party series.


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