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Corpseparty; Musume
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Japanese Title



Ecchi, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, School, Seinen, Supernatural

Written By

Makoto Kedouin

Illustrated By

Mika Orie

Published By

Media Factory




Monthly Comic Alive


MF Comics Alive Series

Original Run

October 2010 – September 2012


3 (Completed)

Corpseparty; Musume (コープスパーティー;娘 Kōpusupātī; Musume?, lit. "Corpseparty; The Girl") is a Japanese manga series written by Makoto Kedouin, illustrated by Mika Orie, and published by Media Factory from October 2010 to September 2012. The manga is an alternative story loosely based on the plot from the original PC-9801 version of CORPSE-PARTY with influences from Corpse Party.

All twenty chapters in the series were collected into three volumes, with the first volume released on December 22, 2011, and the third volume released on August 23, 2012. The chapters are all self-contained, usually dealing with the death of the main characters, and containing risqué imagery and scenes.

All three volumes of the manga were translated and published by Brazilian publisher NewPOP to Portuguese under the title Corpse Party: Musume.[1]


It happened after school one rainy day... A group of friends have stayed behind to prepare for the next day's school festival. One moment they are idly telling ghost stories but the next an enormous earthquake strikes and the entire school seems to fall down around them. They awake to find themselves trapped in a parallel version of their school. A school abandoned and disheveled and whose calendar dates back to 1927. Can they find a way out of this nightmare or are they doomed to the same fate that befell the other victims whose corpses that lie numerous throughout the school?


The majority of the cast of characters are a group of students from Kisaragi Academy.

Main Characters
Character Design
Satoshi Mochida
The main protagonist
Satoshi Mochida MusumeManga.png
Naomi Nakashima
Satoshi's classmate and friend
Naomi Nakashima MusumeManga.png
Ayumi Shinozaki
Satoshi's classmate and the class representative of classroom 2-9
Ayumi Shinozaki MusumeManga.png
Yoshiki Kishinuma
Satoshi's classmate and friend
Yoshiki Kishinuma MusumeManga.png
Yuka Mochida
Satoshi's spoiled little sister
Yuka Mochida MusumeManga.png
Miyu Shinohara
Satoshi's transgender classmate who has a crush on him
Miyu Shinohara MusumeManga.png
The Girl in Red
A mysterious girl in a red dress that appears before Satoshi and the others
Sachiko Shinozaki MusumeManga.png
Supporting Characters
Character Design
Naho Saenoki
Paranormalist who helps the group
Naho Saenoki MusumeManga.png
Kaori Hasegawa
Shiho's eldest sister, and victim of the school who helps Satoshi and Naomi
Kaori Hasegawa MusumeManga.png
Shiho Hasegawa
Kaori's younger sister, and victim of the school who helps Yoshiki and Ayumi
Shiho Hasegawa MusumeManga.png
A teacher from Kisaragi Academy Girls' School
Teacher MusumeManga.png
The principal of Kisaragi Academy Girls' School
Principal MusumeManga.png
The principal's granddaughter
Yukie MusumeManga.png

Volume List


Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party; Musume follow

Volume 1
Manga Title Cover Release Date ISBN
Corpseparty; Musume 1
コープスパーティー;娘 1
Musume Volume1 Cover.png December 22, 2012 ISBN 978-4-8401-3720-1
  • #01
    On a rainy day, Satoshi, Naomi, Ayumi, Yoshiki and Miyu stay at school late to prepare for the school festival. Satoshi's younger sister, Yuka, joins them to deliver her brother an umbrella. Suddenly, an earthquake drags the whole group into Kisaragi Academy Girls' School, a haunted school.
  • #02
    Satoshi and Naomi meet up with Ayumi and Yoshiki and the four of them decide to split up and find Miyu and Yuka. Satoshi and Naomi find a corpse of Kaori and her ghost explains where they are. In the meantime Yoshiki and Ayumi decide to check out the entrance.
  • #03
    Yuka and Miyu are both in the infirmary, Miyu applies Yuka a band-aid or her leg and the two talk. Suddenly Miyu gets cut and they try to run away. To Miyu's surprise she can't so she tells Yuka to go. Yuka hesitates and a monster comes out to kill them. Miyu protects Yuka, but sacrifices herself.
  • #04
    Satoshi and Naomi arrive at the infirmary and Yuka tells them about Miyu. Suddenly Miyu's ghost appears and tries to confess to Satoshi, but fails. Naho arrives and explains to them more about this place. Yuka says she needs to use the bathroom, but soon after, she soils herself. Naomi decided to lead her into the lavatories, While Satoshi meets Sachiko, the one behind everything.
  • #05
    Yuka and Naomi have a conversation in the lavatories about Satoshi, but it's cut short by Yuka getting attacked in the stall. Naomi manages to save her, almost sacrificing herself to the monster. Yuka finds Satoshi and soon after Naomi appears, saying that she is fine. Yuka still has some doubt about who she really is.
Volume 2
Manga Title Cover Release Date ISBN
Corpseparty; Musume 2
コープスパーティー;娘 2
Musume Volume2 Cover.png August 23, 2011 ISBN 978-4-8401-4027-0
  • #06
    In the science lab, Yoshiki and Ayumi both find a corpse with a book. Ayumi gets possessed, but Yoshiki manages to get rid of her possession. Suddenly the anatomical model attacks them, but the two of them are saved by Naho Saenoki.
  • #07
    Naho explains to the two of them that Miyu is dead and tells her about Ayumi's high spiritual power. She gives them a holy water bottle and leaves. Ayumi finds a room where she witnesses how Shiho died, getting attacked soon after. Yoshiki saves her and Shiho's ghosts tells them to go to class 2-9.
  • #08
    Satoshi, Naomi and Yuka all reach the principals office and the siblings go inside, leaving Naomi behind. They witness Sachiko killing the principal over and over again. The two manage to escape, but Naomi is nowhere to be found. They enter the music hall and after Yuka plays the piano, Miyu's ghost leads them into the basement of the school. In the meantime, Yoshiki and Ayumi find a way to their world.
  • #09
    Yoshiki and Ayumi both cheer as they escaped the school, but Sachiko's good side appears, telling them a story about how she died. She tells them that the only way to save their friends is to go back. Yoshiki says no, but Ayumi goes there anyway.
  • #10
    Ayumi meets up with Yoshiki in the school again, who followed her. The story cuts to Satoshi and Yuka, who find Naomi after Miyu lead them here. Satoshi accidentally dismembers Naomi after touching her. The two then realize it's Sachiko playing tricks on them. They find Yoshiki and Ayumi laughing over Naomi's corpse. They say that they have to kill Satoshi and Yuka to be saved. Yoshiki is about to kill Satoshi, but Ayumi kicks him off the edge, revealing that she wants to escape with Satoshi.
    A short chapter describing Miyu and who she is. Miyu is described as good at everything and loved by many. To make Satoshi like her more, she decides to try out wearing girly underwear and finds them comfortable.
Volume 3
Manga Title Cover Release Date ISBN
Corpseparty; Musume 3
コープスパーティー;娘 3
Musume Volume3 Cover.png August 23, 2012 ISBN 978-4-8401-4706-4
  • #11
    The story flashbacks to how Ayumi and Yoshiki went into the incinerator and met up with the other Sachiko, who knocked them unconscious. Ayumi then says that she only needs to kill Yuka now, but Satoshi decides that he has to kill Ayumi first. He fails as he still cares about her. Both are left in tears.
  • #12
    Yuka after arriving manages to get rid Sachiko from Ayumi. They all talk and Satoshi reveals that she killed Yoshiki. She cries but her tears are cut short when Yoshiki finds his way back up, revealing that he survived the fall. They all then find their way into the grave site.
  • #13
    The group finds Sachiko's corpse and the evil Sachiko attacks them, the group talks to her and gives her the ribbon that her mother bought. Good Sachiko appears and the two combine into one good Sachiko. As Sachiko loses her dominating power, the other vengeful spirits attack the group. Sachiko, with the help of Miyu's spirit, fend them off while the group leaves for the exit. Satoshi and his friends reunite with Naomi.
  • #14
    The group, along with Naomi are about to leave for the exit, but Yuka gets attacked by a ghost girl, who rips her insides with her hand. Satoshi stops her before it's too late, but Yuka's injury proves to be fatal.
  • #15
    Yuka and Satoshi remembers the times they had as kids and confesses that she loves her brother more than a brother. She asks for him to say that too, even if it's a lie, but Satoshi says that his love as his older brother is enough. She dies with a smile on her face.
  • #16
    As Satoshi cries over Yuka's corpse, the school starts to break apart. It swallows Yuka and Satoshi is willing to go back and get her, but is stopped by Naomi, who says that she doesn't want to lose anyone else.
  • #17
    The remaining group manages to escape and they all separate. Naomi goes back to pick up her backpack and Satoshi follows her back. They both talk and leave the school, hoping that this nightmare is now over.
  • #18
    Satoshi goes back home and doesn't bring himself to tell their parents about Yuka's tragic fate. He goes to his room, only to find a note form his sister. He enters her room and finds Yuka's ghost naked in a large pool of blood. They talk and Satoshi gives her a kiss, before the pool swallows them both, killing Satoshi.
  • #19
    Ayumi and Yoshiki both go back home together, but Yoshiki realizes that she needs to be looked over. They both go to his place, but Ayumi starts mutilating herself. Yoshiki manages to stop her and they both kiss on the ground.
  • #20
    Naomi arrives home to see Naho who breaks it to her that she's already dead; her body had been destroyed by Ayumi. Her current body now surrounded by ghosts. Naho informs all those who escaped from the school will be caught sooner or later, and Naomi will become a replacement for Sachiko as the new girl in red.

Significant plot details end here.





  • Corpseparty; Musume was temporarily titled Corpse Party: THE ORIGIN (コープスパーティーTHE ORIGIN).
  • The ending of Corpseparty; Musume is a reference to Ending Rank: C of CORPSE-PARTY.
  • Ayumi's attempt to use black magic is a reference to Ending Rank: D-2 of CORPSE-PARTY, which is also the inspiration for Corpse Party: Book of Shadows.
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