Corpse Party Wiki

Corpse Party Wiki's Rules, Regulations & Policies

Welcome to the Corpse Party Wiki! Here are the rules, regulations and policies of the wiki. EVERY user must understand, accept and comply to these rules. In the case of any of these rules being broken, consequences will be applied.

Note: Rules marked with a "➣" symbol are major rules that will result in a harsher consequence if broken. Please refer to the "Consequences" tab for more information.

  • ➣ In accordance to COPPA, you must be at least 13 years of age in order to be on this Wikia.
    • ➣ If a user is revealed to be underage, please contact, with proper evidence, an administrator to report the user right away.
  • ➣ Be respectful to every user! Do not argue, insult, threaten, harass, purposefully offend, or disrespect users or their opinions.
  • ➣ This Wikia is dedicated to canon Corpse Party content only. Any non-canon material should be taken to the Corpse Party Fanon Wikia. This includes the chat as well.
  • You are not allowed to advertise anything on this Wiki, this includes other Wiki's or fan-made material, which applies to the rule above.
  • ➣ Do not invite people here who know nothing about the series unless they are interested in learning information.
  • ➣ Spamming is not allowed in any way! This includes spamming images, links, words, edits, etc.
  • ➣ Vandalism on the wiki is strictly prohibited.
  • ➣ Please communicate in English only, unless you have permission from staff to speak otherwise. This is an English Wikia; common understanding is a must.
    • Even if you are not a native English speaker, please try your best to speak in English.
  • ➣ The use of alternative accounts is not tolerated, unless you have permission to do so.
    • If you are caught "sockpuppeting" (using multiple accounts to bypass rules or bans), there will be a harsher punishment.
  • For actions to be taken against a user, proper evidence must be given to an administrator or chat moderator.

  • Any picture such as a screenshot, an artwork, a sprite sheet, etc. must be in the highest quality possible.
    • This means no .jpg/.jpeg images, no images of small size (unless it is a sprite or any other small element), no photo of a TV screen or computer monitor, etc. Images must be in .png format with the highest quality possible.
    • If you are unable to find an image in good quality, please contact an admin for assistance or just don't upload the image at all.
  • Screenshots added to galleries should not have text from the game present in the image, unless it is needed for information. (Click here for an example)
  • Sprite images/gifs or sprite sheets should be transparent.
  • Constant edit fighting or constant vandalism to pages will cause them to be protected.
    • Incidentally, if a page has just recently been unprotected, please ask an administrator before editing.
  • Please read your edits thoroughly and double check grammar and spelling before submitting your edits.
  • Do not make useless edits for the sake of increasing your edit count/badges. (Examples: Changing "Don't" to "Do not", or reverting edits with no explanation, etc.)
  • Any user can create new pages, but before making a new page, users should understand that they shouldn't create articles for things that are very minor or for things that the user barely knows anything about.
    • If the created page has barely any information, the "Stub" template may be added to let users know to add more information.
    • If a page has remained a stub for a long period of time, and if the staff finds that it is unneeded, the "Candidate for Deletion" template may be added to the page.
  • Please use formal language while writing articles. This is a Wikia, not a blog.
  • Please do not add speculations on the pages, we only need proven information.
  • A character's relationship with other characters should ONLY be added if their relationship is important and makes an impact on the character.
  • Polls on the main page are to be made and edited by the admins. However, you can give suggestions for the next one on an admin's message wall.
  • ➣ Please limit the amount of edits you make, as a lot of edits tend to spam the wiki activity, to which we will apply a sanction.
  • It is prohibited to edit other user's profiles without their permission. Users may request for their user page to be protected if it has been vandalized, or if they just want to prevent future vandalism.
  • ➣ Our Wikia has userboxes, that said, it is prohibited to make your own userboxes without admin permission. Doing so without permission will result in a consequence.
    • ➣ In addition to that, don't put userboxes of being a bureaucrat, administrator or moderator on your user page if you are not one, it'll be removed and you'll be warned.
  • ➣ In addition to adding things to your user pages, adding automatic music to your profile and/or message wall is strictly prohibited without admin permission.
    • ➣ If the admin's do allow you to add music to your profile page and/or message wall, be sure that the music isn't too loud. If the admin's find out that you added loud music to your profile you may be asked to remove/replace it.

  • No flame-baiting or flame war comments. This means do not purposefully start an argument with someone to get a reaction out of them.
  • No attacking others' personal opinions via comments, they will be removed and sanctions will be applied.
  • Avoid walls of text when possible, unless it is truly needed to get your point across.
  • No spam or junk comments of any nature.
  • ➣ Spoiler comments are allowed prior to a new game being released worldwide for a month. Any spoiler comments before then will be deleted.

  • Do not post blogs or forums that don't relate to the series or the Wiki itself.
  • Blogs that have less than 5 sentences may be deleted, but there may be exceptions.
  • Blogs and forums from indefinitely banned users may be deleted.
    • Blogs and forums which prove to not be useful may also be deleted over time.
  • ➣ The rules from above still apply to blogs and forums, meaning that you can not use them to advertise or to post fanworks.

These rules apply to the chat room.

  • Any abuse towards users e.g. sexism or racism will result in a kick or a ban if repeated.
    • Abuse to admins or chat mods will also result in a harsher punishment.
  • Private chat exists; use it when it truly is necessary, as some things don't need to be posted in the public chat.
    • However, do not use private chat to send intimidating messages or to purposely bypass these rules.
  • ➣ You are not allowed to advertise another Wikia on this chat, or advertise anything else.
    • ➣ You are also not allowed to link to another Wikia's chatroom.
  • If an argument has broken out on the chat, please try not to get involved and contact a chat moderator or an administrator right away to deal with it.
  • Pornography of any kind is strictly prohibited.
  • Please refrain from spamming on the chat. This includes spamming text, emojis, images, pings, etc.
  • No chain mail. If you do this, you will automatically be kicked.
  • ➣ If you wish to role-play on the chat, please ask for permission first. If you do it without permission, you will be banned.
  • ➣ If a role-play is taking place, please do not interrupt. You may watch if you like, but if you interrupt you will be asked to leave until the role-play is over.
    • You can use the private chat to speak to others in the meantime.
  • If you want to share a story with others, please ask an admin or a chat mod in the chatroom to do so. If you can, the staff will tell the people to stay quiet until you finish telling the story.
    • If you interrupt the storyteller, you may be kicked out of the chatroom.
  • ➣ If issues occur on the chat (people arguing), an admin or chat moderator may request that the main chat become silent for a certain amount of time. Failure to do so will result in a warning, then a consequence if it continues.
  • ➣ If an admin or chat mod asks you to leave the chat, do so without arguing.
  • If you want to post an image on the chat, be sure it isn't too big and voluminous. Keep your pictures at a maximum size of 500 pixels in height. Furthermore, do not post images too often and keep it at one at a time.
    • However, the image size rule can be flexible depending on the image.
    • ➣ And of course, no inappropriate images. Examples include images with excessive violence or pornography.
  • ➣ Do not get on chat if you are intoxicated in any way. If you are proven to be intoxicated, you may be banned until the next morning.

The bot's purpose is to record public chat logs and to also have fun commands for users. However, there are some rules that must be followed.

  • Do not abuse the bot's commands. To prevent abuse of the commands, users are limited to using the commands 4 times within an hour.
  • Do not use the !say command to make the bot say inappropriate things, such as insults or curse words. Also do not use it to boast or support yourself, as that is not what the command is made for.
  • Don't hide behind the bot with the !say command. If you have something to say, say it yourself, instead of using the bot to say it for you.
  • You can suggest other commands for the bot to have, but the staff can not guarantee that it will be implemented. The staff have the right to deny a command request if it proves to be too difficult or if they just don't think it should be a command.
  • The bot is still a huge work in progress, and users must not insult the staff about the bot if a mistake is made.

This section is specifically for the wiki staff.

  • A staff member has the right to kick or ban a user when they think they are breaking the rules. However, it may be a good idea to ask other staff members first before taking action.
    • ➣ If there are no other staff members around when a rule is being broken which results in the user being kicked or banned, screenshots should be taken and sent to all of the other staff members immediately.
  • If an admin or chat mod is absent or inactive for a long time, they might get demoted.
  • ➣ If an admin promotes a user without permission there will be consequences.
  • Admins have the ability to protect pages, but pages should ONLY be protected for a temporary amount of time, as users should still be given the opportunity to edit articles.
    • However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Templates may be protected permanently to prevent huge vandalism. The staff, policies, and nomination pages will also be protected permanently. User pages may also be protected if a user requests it.
    • The only case where articles besides the ones stated above should be protected permanently, is to prevent new or unregistered users from editing.
  • Admins are the only users who should add the "Candidate for Deletion" template to pages, unless another user has admin permission to do so.
    • Before adding the "Candidate for Deletion" template to any page, the decision should be discussed with the other admins.
  • If the staff want to announce something for the whole community to see, they shouldn't use blogs. They should instead use the forums and highlight the thread.
    • If any member of staff notices a recently posted important forum post that isn't highlighted, they should highlight it.

If a rule is broken, sanctions will be applied. Depending on the severity of disobedience to any of these rules, the harshness of the consequence will vary. The staff will mostly go by the 'Three Strike Policy', which means that if a user breaks the rules three times, the third time will result in a block from the wiki. On the chat, three strikes equal to three kicks. The third kick will result in a ban from the chat. However, if the broken rule is major, only one or two strikes may be applied.

Minor Rule Breaking:

The breaking of these rules do not have as harsh of a punishment, but all users are still expected to obey them.

  • First Offense: A brief warning which explains which rule has been broken.
  • Second Offense: Depending on which rule is broken, you may receive a second warning, or a short ban.
  • Third Offense: If you continue after the second warning you will receive a long ban. If you continue after the short ban you may be banned permanently.

Major Rule Breaking:

The breaking of these rules have a much harsher punishment.

  • First Offense: Depending on which rule is broken, you may receive a warning or a potential ban.
  • Second Offense: A permanent ban. It is also possible for you to get a permanent ban as a first offense.

Chat Rule Breaking:

Since the rules on the chat differ from the normal rules, the consequences are also different.

  • First Offense: A brief warning describing which rule you have broken. Depending on the rule broken you may get kicked off the chat.
  • Second Offense: A kick from the chat.
  • Third Offense: A temporary or permanent ban.

To encourage users to edit and to also reward users who have worked hard for the Wiki and the community, there will now be privileges that users can earn by being an active contributor.

Reward Requirements

To earn these rewards, users must reach a certain amount of edits and reach certain criteria.

Custom Signatures

For a user to earn this reward they must have at least 500 edits and also edit regularly. If a user has been banned three times or has been banned permanently this reward will be taken away.

Custom Username Color

For a user to earn this reward they must have at least 750 edits and also edit regularly. If a user has been banned three times or has been banned permanently this reward will be taken away.

Custom Username Font

For a user to earn this reward they must have at least 1,000 edits and also edit regularly. If a user has been banned three times or has been banned permanently this reward will be taken away.

Reward Rules

  • Once you reach the requirements, do not constantly bug the admins for your reward. You can remind them once, but give them time, as they are sometimes busy.
  • When choosing a username color or font, please make sure that your username will still be readable. If it proves to not be readable the staff may ask you to choose a different font or color.
  • When you choose a custom signature, make sure that it is appropriate! If the staff decides that it is inappropriate it will be removed and depending on the severity there may be a punishment.
  • Staff do NOT automatically earn most of these rewards, they also will have to work hard to earn these privileges. The only rewards that staff get is a username color and mod icon. They will still have to work for the custom signatures and fonts.