I'm tired... I hate this. *sob* *sob* I want to go home...

—Chihaya Yamase, Corpse Party (EXCHAP 1)

Chihaya Yamase

山瀬 千早
(やませ ちはや)


Yamase Chihaya


14 (BC/2U)
13 (BR)




154cm / 5'0½"


45.4kg / 100.1 lb

Birth Date

November 26 (Sagittarius)

Blood Type

O type

Bust Size

A cup


Musashigawa Girls' Middle School


Junior High School Student


7th Grade





Cause of Death

Dissected (BC,BR)
Poured hot oil on her head (BS Manga)


Her iguana plushie.


Spicy foods and P.E. class.


Shopping and reading.

Future Dream

Looking into it.



Voices & Actors
PSP and/or iOS VA

Rei Matsuzaki (BR)
Kyōko Namekawa (BS/2U)

Chihaya Yamase (山瀬 千早 Yamase Chihaya?) is a student from Musashigawa Girls' Middle School's class I-4, and a victim trapped inside Heavenly Host Elementary School. She is a character introduced in Corpse Party (PC).


Chihaya is a teenage girl of below average height and build. She has turquoise eyes and chin-length dark gray hair cut horizontally in the front. She wears a beige school uniform, like the rest of the girls at Musashigawa Girls' Middle School, with white socks about halfway up to her knees and black shoes.


Chihaya is a quiet, friendly, and clingy girl. Due to being somewhat spoiled, she expects others to treat her in a similar way and thus doesn't get along particularly well with Nari Amatoya. Easily scared, she often lets her emotions take control of her actions.


Corpse Party

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party (PC), Corpse Party (PSP, iOS) and Corpse Party (3DS) follow


Chihaya performed the Sachiko Ever After ritual for fun with six of her friends, sending them to Heavenly Host. When she arrived at the school, the only other members of the group that was with her were Nari and Nana Ogasawara, with the other three nowhere to be seen.

Together, the three girls searched through Heavenly Host to find their friends. At some point, Chihaya went into the boys' lavatory and dropped a pouch of hers after being startled by a voice. Nana went in to find it, and when she returned, she told them about a friendly ghost who inhabited one of the stalls. Nana asked if Chihaya and Nari would like to meet him, and they agree. The ghost named Shimoda, asks the girls to help him in finding his stolen glasses and hat. Shortly after retrieving his hat, Chihaya begins to break down, saying that she can't stand being in the school anymore, and even asks if she can blame Nana for everything if they never get out, which earns her a scolding from Nari. They return both items to Takaomi, which ends up improving their confidence.


Later on, the three girls are apparently captured and killed. Chihaya's name tag tells us she was dissected before being stuffed into a bucket.

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party: Book of Shadows follow

Episode #5; 『Shangri-La』

Chihaya makes an appearance alongside Nari in the fifth episode. She follows Nari in searching the second wing in order to find their friend, Nana. During their search, they find Shougo Taguchi's dead body as well as a battery for his camera. Sakutaro Morishige encounters the two girls and begins to ask them questions before searching Shougo's camera for any images of Mayu Suzumoto. Chihaya and Nari both notice Sakutaro smile as he searches through the tape and makes the swift decision to get away from him as soon as possible and run away.

Significant plot details end here.



Corpse Party (PSP, iOS)

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Corpse Party: Book of Shadows

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Corpse Party: Book of Shadows



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Chihaya Yamase 101 Chapter 5 (Corpse), ExChap 1
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