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• 1/22/2019

Help plsssss

I read yoshie shinozakis diary and I still don't see the principal falling pls helllllp

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• 8/26/2018

A Silly Theory

Hey, you guys know how this wikia has been silent and all? What if it's a curse Sachiko put on it? She got angry that she was being presented and talked about as a "bad guy", so using her special ghost/Shinozaki powers, she hexed the wikia to be inactive and sent a good number of members to Heavenly Host (but they're not dead, so we can still remember them).

Yeah... I know that's stupid. I just wanted to bring the spirits up (get it?) of the people who are still on here. I've only recently gotten into the "community" part of the wikias instead of just using them for informative reasons (so recently, in fact, that this is my first ever time starting a discussion), and seeing this wikia I love so much being so inactive is disheartening.

Maybe if we appease Sachiko, there'll be more activity...?
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• 7/19/2018

glad we could all make it

great turn out tonight

seriously though im so sad i love this game/manga and all this quietness makes me cry
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• 7/7/2018

is anyone even on

if you are on please lets have a chat with each over and others this wiki has become dead :(.
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• 5/7/2018

if you see this, hit me up

i wonder if anybody's still out there to talk about cp. this website feels more like a wikipedia than a community.
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• 2/12/2018


I've been keeping tabs on this place for a really long time, until today in fact. It's changed so, so much since I started coming on here, and for the better in most parts.

But anyways, this isn't really about that. This is about me settling my inner demons and dealing with my guilt before finally letting this place go.

A lot of people from before who were active are no longer there, and really there's only one person still here who I talked with as a "friend." So, I'm sorry, Okami. I was a bratty little kid back then, and honestly, if I was in your position, I wouldn't have been able to keep my cool like you.

Another thing I wanted to settle on this is how along with all the renovations, the whole place changed. Before, it used to be a community rather than just an informative place. Now, it's just an informative place and nothing more. The community died. Those who make friends on here talk to those friends over Skype or Discord.

Is it a bad thing? I don't know. Not going to lie, the community before was not exactly the healthiest for anyone, but it still feels weird. I miss this place and what it used to be like. I used to feel accepted here, and that helped throughout some of my darkest moments. Now, as I watch what happens to this place, it's no longer the place it used to be.

I dunno. It just feels weird for me.

It's gonna be a difficult habit to break, checking on here periodically. But I trust that all you admins know what you're doing, so good luck. I don't think anyone's going to miss me, because most likely no one actually remembers me, but like said before, I just needed to settle some inner demons.

And with that, my piece is done. Goodbye.
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• 11/22/2017

Is Kuon Niwa, Mayu Suzumoto & the Kasaragi HS victims still alive?

Hi guys! My name is Vivivan. I'm from TWD, PLL, Tekken, and Kingdom Hearts fandom. Honestly, Corpse Party is like the only series I really enjoyed ever since the remake of the first game was released for the PSP just several years ago. I honestly really love Mayu Suzumoto, she's the only character out of everyone in the series who I can personally, truly, and deeply identify with on a deep emtoinal level.
Anyways, I want to talk about Kuon Niwa, Mayu Suzumoto and the rest of the Kisaragi HS victims of Heavenly Host. Kuon is an older sister to Aiko Niwa. In Blood Drive, in a moment just before she died, she had a brief conversation with Satoshi and Naomi and I think Ayumi as well about their previous teacher; Yui Shishido who accidentally but unfortunately died in Heavenly Host. I think I remember Kuon said something about reading people's auras and I remember her saying something about knowing the Heavenly Host survivors (Satoshi, Ayumi, Yoshiki, Naomi, and Yuka) came from a "different world". It's honestly so odd that she specifically said "different world". This kinds of supports the theory of a multiverse, don't you think? Honestly, from my perspective, I believe that Kuon Niwa knew that they are the survivors and her presence as a teacher of their high school is solid prove that she is indeed a replacement for Yui Shishido's absence since she is dead. This theory can be applied to Naho's and Sayaka's death as well since they had careers prior to their death. In other words, what I'm trying to say is; Is it possible that Naho and Sayaka were replaced by new/different characters as well since Kuon Niwa technically did replaced Yui Shishido? Remember, Satoshi did say that Kuon was a lot like Yui and therefore, it means that Kuon and Yui share significant trait(s) that made them so alike, metaphorically speaking. Since Ayumi fixed everything and "ate" Heavenly Host, everyone went back to their world where Mayu, Seiko, Morishige, and Yui's existence were restored. Of course, this doesn't support this theory about them being alive and all but what it does support is if Kuon's alive. Because since Kuon died in Heavenly Host, and everyone went back to their world including Ayushiki where the victims of Heavenly Host existence were fully restored. Since things went back to normal, I believe that Ayushiki, Satoshi, Naomi, Yuka, Magari, Aiko, and Satsuki went back to THEIR world where those who died at Heavenly Host never had their existence erased in the first place but nothing can change the fact that they DID die in Heavenly Host. Does this mean there's another Kuon Niwa in their REAL world which they are living in now after returning to it from Blood Drive? Do you understand what I'm getting at here?
And now we have Dead Patient. Though, we do not have the full game but there are a bunch of clues in the first chapter that strikes out to me very much. We never seen zombies before in Corpse Party. For many years, we are just used to vengeful spirits that can kill and harm people. Now, I'm from The Walking Dead fandom and we use "walkers" as terms to refer to them as zombies because they are zombies lol. Now, symbollically speaking; Zombies are basically resurrected humans that are known as the "undead". Since we now have zombies in Dead Patient, I think this is the after-effects of Ayumi's actions from Blood Drive. Could this mean that Mayu and the rest of the Kisaragi HS people are resurrected as well? We already seen zombies in Dead Patient, therefore it's only natural that we'd see those people again too one way or another in a flashback, dream sequence or have them as "undead" as one of those zombies.
What do you guys think? Any thoughts and opinions? Feel free to express them as much as you want! Remember; no negativity. You are allowed to criticize though but do not shame anyone at all.
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• 11/6/2017

Being unbanned

So, I want to begin this by thanking whoever it was that finally unblocked me from this wiki. I've been a ghost on this site since being banned (I'll get into that in a minute) and have been appealing for it to be overturned, but unfortunately when you're banned on a wiki, you literally can't contact a person at all unless you contact them by other means, so it made it really hard.
Now, to explain everything.
Back in, I think, 2012, I was a newcomer to this wiki and was gladly going to contribute to it. The new games were just coming out and I wanted to contribute, but what failed to be made public knowledge without digging for it ( at the time at least) was that its against the policy to update info when a game is just being released as it's considered spoilers even though the game is already out and it being a spoiler is very ridiculous. But that's not the point I'm making, I completely understand that policy and it's your wiki to begin with, not mine.
The admin who banned me (I don't remember their name) gave no warning at all and just banned me for 100 years. Again, there was no warning despite your policy specifically saying that a warning had to be given before a ban could be implemented.
So to the admin who finally unbanned me, thank you so much!
To the admin who banned me without reason, I don't like you.
What I guess I'm getting at is is that you guys should really moderate who you allow to be admins cause I really wanted to contribute to this wiki and for the last five years have been unable to. So where do I go from here? I'll just remain a lurker.
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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out

If you're an admin on this community, read more about how you can customize your Discussions and set up guidelines for contributors:

Have fun!
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• 11/15/2016


Hello, chat moderator here! I suggest this emoticon to the admins, pl0x reply below if you agree or disagree:
Triggered by:

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• 11/1/2016


I got my results back, and I found out that I have something wrong with my blood.
I'm supposed to be going to a specialist, but I don't know when that will be.
For now, I'll still be on a break from editing or being in charge here, until I feel better.
I may still edit occasionally, but not as much.
Luph will still be in charge here for now.
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• 10/25/2016


Hello everyone.
Today I have found out that I could have a serious illness, which may or may not be true, but based on my symptoms, it is likely.
As such, I haven't felt like editing or contributing as much as I used to, even though I sometimes push myself to edit to potentially take my mind off of my pain.
I have been suffering from pain for about 3 months now, and nothing has gotten better. It's taken a huge toll on my mental and physical health, making me feel like not doing much of anything.
I'm going to go get tests done soon, so I guess I'll know the results soon enough.
Until I know the results, or until I get better, Luph will be in charge here. However, you are still free to ask me questions, but don't expect me to answer them as quickly as I usually do.
Thank you for understanding. Please leave any questions or concerns you may have below.
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• 10/7/2016


This is nice, I was wondering why we didn't have a forum page.
What made you pick that avatar you have right now?
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• 10/7/2016

Another Roleplay Update

How does another roleplay at 3:30PM today sound?

Planned Participants
愛 日音
Arthedain_The_Darkbringer (Missed last roleplay)
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